CFL attendance is UP!

Just playing around with stats again. Overall average attendance has gone from 24,457 to 26,015. Overall attendance last year at this point was 317,935. This year it is 312,175 but there has been one less game played to this point. The only teams not to increase their attendace at home openers were Ottawa and Montreal (both sold out at 20,202 though), and I would expect Ottawa to pick it up now that they are showing a lot of heart in their games. Overall, looks good for the CFL to have great attendance this year.

Correction: Montreal had 20 002 seats last year and now have 20 202, so our attendance increased too! :stuck_out_tongue: The 200 seats are the "Subway terrasse", I think...

At this rate, we'll have a 25 000 seats stadium in 24 years...

Third and Ten,
As far as the stats show, JUne 22, 2004 the attendance was 20,202. Are you sure it was 20,002?

The ARGOS are averaging 28,000 so far...........which is up from 25,000.

And attendence for all teams usually goes up higher......during and after the LABOUR DAY .....week end.

Well, I had the feeling I was right when I posted my comment, but maybe I'm one season late... Was I cryogenized recently?...

..........yes......we were'nt supposed to tell you.........your g/f maxed out the limit on your credit card about 11 months ago and had you frozen so she could pay it off without you the meantime, the Riders won the GC........sorry you had to miss it, they beat the Als 38-3 and The Don was arrested by Winnipeg cops halfway throught he third quarter.....for streaking..........

In one of the pre season games the Esks had 37 000 fans there, the esks always have great attendance, i seen some teams get like 11,000, that's kinds sad.

Don't you mean he got arrested for trying to sing? :?

Looks good, Hopfully most of those new fans will come back even after the NHL starts up. Some might be sick of the NHL and never go back and stick with the CFL.

For anyone who cares, the update is this. This time last year (equal number of games played now) the attendance was 623,993. Same time this year, it is at 663,418. That is up 39,425 or 6%. Looks good for the CFL, especially after seeing those viewer numbers for televised CFL games. Maybe ALL games will be televised next year, maybe even with no blackouts.

thanks for the info................and T.V. ratings are you have mentioned. :smiley:

6%. That's awesome.

the argos had more people there this season opener....last year was 26 000 this year was 30 000....

i never cared about CFL til this year.....i went to the argo season opener and was blown goin to tigercats vs ottawa tomorrow....

im addicted to CFL now...
i used to watch hockey and basketball...but raptors turned on thier fans when they stabbed vince carter in the back so F-THE RAPTORS!!! and i went to a few jays games and they always get crushed and are fallin further from playoffs.....CFL has balance. every week is interesting...i dont have a fav. team....i just love watchin all the drama in the standings and weekly games!

the nicer uniforms make it seem more pro than the bush-lookin jerseys from b4. even my GF has gotten into the CFL...i really hope ottawa makes the playoffs this year. can only help ottawas poor attendance for next year!

and i hope halifax gets the 10th team ( population of 400 000 and provence of 1 000 000 all within 45 min drive )

Printers proved his worth last night. After nine months of inactivity, he came in and competed with the top team in the league and played well. He was a bit rusty, but extremely clutch.

The Riders need a QB because Greene is fading fast and Hamilton still needs a long term star. My suggestion would be to send Dickenson to the Riders as he would bring that team to a new and higher level and Maas would bring Hamilton a fresh start and solid future.

The deals probably won't happen because they make too much sense.

I wish attendance was even better. The CFL has always been a great game. I love the rule differences with the NFL. They just started showing CFL games in Baltimore (Mid-Atlantic states) so I'm just enjoying CFL footbal again. It hurts to see the empty seats though.

Any idea what the TV ratings for the BC-Edmonton game were? I'm guessing they'd be pretty good ... that was a helluva game.

Buy the GLOBE and Mail every their sports section , it has ..........a "what we watched on the week end " section............ :wink:

pretty much all of the games are already televised and they will never get rid of blackouts.

but there where a lot of free tickets given out to masters games volenteers to that game .