CFL attendance by team(versus last year)

Here is the 2006 average, before week 11. Last here is in parentheses.

Toronto: 28,284 (28,080)
BC: 29,493 (30,824)
Montreal: 20,202 (20,202)
Calgary: 29,854 (32,933)
Edmonton: 37,029 (39,187)
Winnipeg: 25,946 (24,159)
Hamilton: 27,723 (28,247)
Saskatchewan: 23,184 (24,146)

So every team is down except Toronto.

Step it up football fans!!!!

Wait a tic, Winnipeg is up as well!

yes, my bad.

i heard sask. is adding more seats, the same goes for montreal.

I wonder why so many teams are drawing less this year as opposed to last year. Is it the bad schedule, the bad PR of losing Ottawa, or something else. Whatever it is it appears to be affecting 2/3 of the league. Hopefully the traditional spike after the Labour Day games will be even greater this year to offset this slow start.

And your source is?

Wait until Labour Day and beyond! :thup:

I still need to know the T.V. ratings for last week-end gams?

Could it be the bonehead scheduling with all the back to back games?

My source is calculating the averages using the attendances given on the schedule page.

I think the WOrld Cup could have something to do with it. In the Argos first home game vs. Hamilton, they were expecting 40,000 and only 27,000 ended up showing.