CFL at the crossroads again

I have been a CFL fan for years & I do remember the good and the bad. However, I do see a trend when of asking for government assistance during hard times, threatening the demise of the league & blocking the intrusion of other leagues into Canada. Though I've never seen how the league benefited from any of these requests, all were needed at their time and the government will again give some kind of funding. What COVID-19 has done is expose the flawed business of the CFL. The CFL cannot continue to be a gate driven league and must consider real expansion to targetted regions in the US. The CFL 2.0 initiative is nonsense and benefits who? Canadian USports athletes are attending US programs are being drafted by the NFL. With the end of the XFL the time has never been better for the CFL to expand correctly into the US. The clock is ticking on the CFL to fix their long existing problems in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal and the huge disparity between the community owned teams & privately owned ones.

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IMO, US expansion will kill the CFL, not save it.

Saved it last time.

With the coronavirus screwing up the global economy and making people reluctant to go near other people, the time has never been worse for the CFL to expand anywhere.

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US expansion?? NO not again!

Besides, with this pandemic and the millions of lost jobs and businesses going under, investing in football teams would be the last thing they would be looking at.

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Must have meant after when everything settles down.

I think the next step will be the creation of a NA travel bubble (anyone coming into the country outside that bubble will have to quarantine for 14 days) like Australian and New Zealand are doing.

Anyone watch this guy?

Yet another spring football league... maybe it would be worth it to have one or two strategically placed US teams to help stop these spring leagues from popping up.

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The CFL has always been at this position through out it's history.

Goes back to their business model.

Also their past is catching up to them in terms of always getting the wrong type of owners (Nelson Skelbania) the Gliebermans, Larry Rykman etc.

Also the archaic practice of blacking out games in the 1980s still haunts them to this day.

Not sure what the solution is but hopefully they start changing how to do business in the future.

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Gave them a cash influx and a few years later were taking a loan from the NFL

The only question I have what's the league's commitment to having a season in empty stadiums.

If nothing else try to get viewers to watch on TV.

Yet no word from the commissioner's office as to an actual decision date.

Either go forward with a modified season with no fans or cancel the season and prepare for 2021 with a July start.


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I'm not so sure they are going to get that handout. Or they better be prepared to hand it out to a bunch more, MLS, Canadian Basketball. Junior Hockey.

cannot do no fans in the stands, unless the govt forks over 200+ mill.

An increase in viewership does nothing to add to league revenues - they already have a contract with TSN. And the increase won't help them when the contract is up and it's time to negotiate a new deal - because it's a short-term bump that won't carry forward to with this virus mess is over.

Even if the restrictions are lifted by September there is no guarantee that fans will go to the stadiums.

I have season tickets to the Lions myself

Not sure if I would go to the stadium without any social distancing protocols.

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But if they don't have the games on TV, they won't be fulfilling the deal with TSN and that's about $50 million out the window, plus the revenues they might receive for on-field, sideline, and uniform advertising.

So what is the alternative if they don't receive Gov't money or allowed to have fans in the stands. Declare bankruptcy like the XFL?
It would be the end of the CFL as we know it.

Well, sadly, I believe that is a distinct possibility.


OMG ..... expanding to the US will kill the CFL (garbage).... The uniqueness of the CFL will make it a success in selected states and marketed the right way. It's about time the CFL recognize their greatness & stop the NFL comparison. IMO US expansion is the only logical growth path along with all teams being privately owned. You don't get profitable selling T-shirts and beer.

How many times do we have to beat this dead horse? Please answer the questions that are asked every time this topic is brought up before you call a statement "garbage".

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Ambrosie needs to go back to the MPs again but this time prepared and with the players rep. He must stress that the "bail out" is a LOAN that will be paid back.
The business loans that are going out right now during the pandemic to businesses big and small ALL have to be paid back.
I think a lot of people out there when they see the money going to AC, WestJet and other big businesses is not a gift it's a loan that must be paid back.
The government is giving them a break on the interest rate and the pay back period.

The problem was Ambrosie was asking for a hand out, a grant which was different than the other businesses and corporations that were seeking help.
He has to get his act together, ask for a loan not a grant.

Not sure what the MPs would offer now if it's already determined that it's classified as a handout instead of anything else.