CFL asks feds for $12 Million For 100th Grey Cup

Al: Good thought! :thup:

Excellent idea, I hope they can do this and definitely worth some money from the Feds for that I would say.

I've gotta agree with AKT on this one, I'd much rather see the money go towards new stadiums in Hamilton & Winnipeg or expanding other stadiums for the Argos & Als. Maybe if they were asking for a more reasonable amount for a celebration, like $2M maybe, but I'd much rather see $12M go towards permanent facilities.

Careful friends... any more references yo the stadium and this thread will be moved over to the stadium thread and into oblivion...
Discuss some more, please. IT IS YOUR MONEY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Stadium type money and something for a heritage event like the 100th GC would certainly come from different government departments and budgets so I don't see the two as related really.