CFL as good as NFL-Kenton Keith proof!!!


Besides Mike Weir's tremendous play today beating Tiger Woods in golf in Montreal in international Match Play, Kenton Keith's 80 yards gained in 10 carries for Indy in their win over Denver helps prove that the calibre of players is very close between CFL and NFL. Well done Kenton. Well done Saskatchewan for training him so well and winning without him this year!!!
And, congrats to Mike Weir, a classy, gutsy Canadian who stood up to Tiger Wood's comeback winning the last two holes after going down by 1 stroke to win the match in front of thousands of great fans in Montreal cheering him on. A great day for Canada. Well done Montreal!!!!!

Riders Rule


What about Jon Ryan with the fake punt making some nice moves gaining 7 yards for the 1st down :slight_smile:

Good on KK.

you guys.... how come when a CFL player goes makes a team in the states we say the players are just as good, yet when an nfl player comes here, we bash them?

Good on kk though.

KK is awesome

Its only the druggies and criminals that get bashed

Or Mike Mcmahon :stuck_out_tongue:

Who is Kenton Keith? Where have I seen that name before?

Who needs proof?

I wish those people (not necessarily you Turkey, I'm speaking generally) who go to great lengths to demonstrate that the CFL and NFL are equal would stop acting like a former CFL player's success in the NFL is a huge event. If you really feel they're equals, that success shoulnd't surprise you.

Ricky Williams was hardly a "druggie" he smoked weed, c'mon this is Canada. Everyone ripped him though.

Anyone who has seen my posts knows how much i like Kenton and he is good player and deserves to be in the NFL. To say the players in this league are as talented as the ones in the CFL are crazy. You have to remeber any team trying to stop the Colts try to stop the pass. Plus there have been more players who go down there and don't make it than do ex Dominguez, Printers, Lumsden, Dickenson to name a few of our elite players.

You can't just ipso facto conclude that a player didn't make it in the NFL so therefore he's not good enough. There are many reasons why a player won't stick with a particular team. Salary, personality and need are typical reasons why a player gets cut. He wouldn't even be in camp if the team didn't already know he was talented.

All players at the pro level are enormously talented. That's why they're pros.

How can you say salary plays a factor if one of these players are better than a starter on the team they will make less. K.C. is one of the weaker teams at QB so why didn't Priters stick around?? As far as attitude goes a Kenton Keith can make it on a championship team but classy guys like Dominguez or Dickenson can't??? Even if they do make it down there they aren't starters, where is Richardson, Rashad Jeanty is a starter on arguably one of the worst run stopping defenses in the league.

You proved his point bigj with your Printers comment. He was the BEST qb in camp for the Chiefs, but they cut him anyways.

Who knows why he got cut, but it wasn't because he wasn't good enough. A free agent can often play better than a draft pick but get cut, age also plays a big part.

and yet Keith wasn't even the best RB in canada.

Charlie Roberts has been the Best RB in canada for awhile, All-star every year he has been with the Bombers. Odd how he hasn't even gotten a sniff from the NFL.

Although the NFL has a wierd way of keeping players.. why oh why did Chicago go with Grossman instead of signing someone decent(Garcia for example).

Look at some NFL teams pass defence that chose they don't need Juran Bolden because he would "eat up" 1% of their cap.

the Lions or Vikings would seem to be able and use him for atleast their nickleback.

Just real wierd decision are made, think of all the NFL QB's who stuck around in the NFL for 5-10 years and couldn't even make a CFL team in camp.
yes it's a different game but same basic concept no? get the ball to your weapons. lol, funny stuff actually.

Whenever NFL media have asked Kenton Keith what the difference in talent between NFL and CFL is, he always says "it's no different".

I didn't prove his point cause i didnt use age. I would take a draft pick over an average vetern any day. Printers has probably reached his max potential. You can mould a rookie into your system. I watched Printers play in game action and he wasn't that good. Printers has also proved in the CFL not to be a leader which a qb has to be not so much a running back. The NFL players are faster, stronger a bigger. I don't know any CFL qb who can bench 225 25 times. A 235 pound reciever as fast as TO, a 275 pound lb as fast and strong as a Shawn Merriman. Do you think Kitwani Jones could be a lb and a defensive end in the NFL no.

Gee Bigj, why not just pick the best in the NFL. I ONLY know of one receiver like TO and it's TO!!! I ONLY know of one linebacker as good as Shawn Merriman and it is him!!!

I would put Dominquez, Simon, et al. up against most of the receivers in the NFL and be quite satisfied with the results.

I think John Madden summed up Kenton Kieth, just right.
In the first game of the year..
When he entered the game, in a relief spot..
Madden says this..

"Kenton Kieth has played pro ball. he played up in Saskatchewan and was pretty good. If Kenton Kieth was to run for a first down in the Atlantic Ocean, he would rush all the way to one breath ..thats Kenton Kieth, the guys that good"..
Madden knows

I kind of added a little to his story...who cares..

PFFT. . . What do you mean you added a bit? What did you add? What did he actually say?