"CFL as Canadian as you can get"

Excellent article for sure, thanks for posting, nice to read something like this for a change.

Keep your boring, slow, and overpriced NFL down south along with the rest of your american BS.
All the American players that come up and make the community and league a better place. How could you want and watch our players and say its "american BS". You have no clue what an attachment some black americans have to the CFL because of warren moon. Please explain how you like or watch American players but hate American products. Please !!!!!

It has nothing to do with the nationality of the players. When an american is in the CFL they are not ‘your’ players. Is Bobby Singh India’s player, or Normie Kwong China’s player? No they aren’t. They are Canadian Football League players, period.

I don’t like the NFL product. It’s boring compared to the CFL. The field is tiny, the 4 downs is a joke, and the amount they pay players has driven the cost so high that most people can’t afford to go to the games.

If people down south have an attachment to the CFL, that’s fine with me. This is our league and we don’t, at least I don’t, want it detroyed by the NFL coming up here, or have it diluted by US expansion teams. So yeah, keep your american BS where it belongs, in the states.

I'll take it one step further and say that the CFL IS Canada.
If the CFL goes then Canada miles well close the border and issue all of it's citizen guns....and call ourselves USA junior..
I'm only kind of joking.

For the most part Americans are viewed as cocky. Canadians dont go around saying were world champions this and that even if we are at something. For an example Ive heard the Stanley Cup champs being called world champions in the US media. If Montreal won no one here would call them world champions for winning the Stanley Cup. Same in football they always call the super bowl champs the world champions. They might be at their game but when your the only country that plays it Id hope so. And considering Canada is the only other country that plays a close type of game its not a huge acomplishment. Same with baseball and the world series, now I know it got the name from a newspaper but most dont and Im sure people in Japan and other places where its played dont appreciate it either. It justs seems to me that the American media has to throw the words world champions in front of everything and that pisses us and every other country off.

Still cant make out the logic "rest of American bs" So far I dont get it. Whats not American about American players. I am dumbfounded. You love CFL with Americans (that make the league better) but not American products. Can u see the confusion??
Start a post for CFL with jus candian players. Who would wanna watch that?? Get a decent qb from canada first.

Well guys we all live in the Americas so that makes us all American. Canada the United States Mexico and all the other countries in Central and South America.
We all occupy real estate in the Americas.
The article I posted from the Toronto Sun was a good positive piece about the CFL whitch is rare for the Toronto media. I am glad that we have many fans in the U.S.A. who enjoy our game. I didn't post the article for us to end up taking pot shots at one another. I think we should respect everyones opinion.
David :rockin:

Canada has a small poulation base and we are the second largest country in the world by area. We are too spread out to have football players, its not like hockey where you learn by playing in a rink in your backyard your dad made.

Yeah but the question unansered is-- How is an American player not an American product. Here is part of the quote " Keep ... down south with the rest of American bs.

Who cares if the player is Canadian or American?

Canadians, and much of the globe, are often irked by Americans by their apparent ignorance of anything outside America. For example, how American's call their country the greatest in the world, when's it's not even the greatest on the continent (don't take my word for it; just ask the UN or any other credible body).

Take credit for things that exist in much of the world. Freedom, and socio-economic upward mobility that can 'only happen in America'.

The fact is American's have a very distorted view of themselves (over-estimate), and of other (dramatically under-estimate) and it ticks off much of the globe. That is why there is so much animosity.

That being said, if you ignore the gun toting, flag waving, self important, stereo-typical American, they are very much like us. They have a lot to offer, and often times take more criticism than they deserve.

To answer your question; yes an American player is an American product.

I would buy a Canadian product first, but if there isnt one then you have to look elsewhere. If we had our own Las Vegas their wouldnt be too many Canadians going to Vegas.

Stop stereotyping. How can th US be the best country without free health- care. Not all Americans think that way. Especially ones that luv the CFL. You're picking a fight with the wrong American. I am more on your side.

Those things or perceptions that you mention in the first three paragraphs are (IMHO) created by the American media, big business and/or U.S. politics. There are advantages to freedom and capitalism, but those perceptions are created by the downside of such freedoms and capitalism. That is not how the average American feels ( or at least i don't) and if they do, shame on them. There is way too much crime and nonsense that goes on from day to day in the U.S. Economically, the next several years will be a rude awakening for those who have such illusions because the world economy IS a global economy and as long as the U.S. Federal reserve keeps printing money and the U.S. can't figure out a way to become more energy independent/efficient, the U.S. will not be a part of it.

Happy birthday tomorrow America! Now get to it and get your act together!!


a nice video featuring hamiltons history and involvment in the community.

As much as we'd like to see expansion in Canada, let's get realistic. Where are these Canadian sites that are worthy of a franchise? There are no sites left in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta or BC that can support a new team. Out of the Ontario sites that people speak of - Ottawa, London, Windsor - Ottawa has the most realistic chance and they're struggling with it. Forget about the Maritimes and Quebec doesn't want one. We have no where to expand in Canada. I would welcome expansion to the U.S again. I think it was rushed last time bringing in 4 franchises in one year.

Before we start this "we don't need no American influence in our league" stuff...ummm, most of our players are American, people. If U.S. expansion made the team stronger, then so be it. It would be foolish to shut it out completely.

I've been saying that about your country for over twenty years!! :thup:

Some Americans are the finest people I have ever known. Americans gave me opportunities when there were few for me in Canada. Is it a perfect country? No, far from it, but neither is Canada.

I love both countries. It pains me deeply to see my friends insulted, but I certainly understand the sentiments of some regarding the U.S. media, because that's really what we're talking about here. The media down here is so incredibly narrow and egocentric, that it's no wonder that people in other countries roll their eyes and tend to see people from here as ignorant buffoons. Nevertheless, and the media aside, it is wrong and equally as ignorant to pigeonhole Americans this way, because when push comes to shove, they are just about the best friends a country — any country — could wish for, but friends sometimes tick each other off. It's a measure of the depth of the friendship, and understanding of each other, that they get over it.

Those American boys who go play football in the CFL are, essentially, good Canadians. Many stay, raise families, and become pillars of their community. We should all be thankful that they love our country as much as we do. They demonstrate that given a chance to see the world beyond the tunnel vision of the media, they respond as human beings and recognize a great place to work and live.

Let's not buy into the U.S. media view of the world and respond to it's limited view with a limited view of our own. People are people. Everywhere. Let's rejoice that these fine players, and people, go to Canada and contribute to society. Welcome them just as they welcome people like me.

It's too bad that this thread, which began as a positive discussion about Canada, has deteriorated into a negative discussion about the U.S. Once again, it proves what Warmington was saying, that we seem to be unable to be proud of ourselves without comparing ourselves to our neighbours to the south.

Why can't we just be proud to be Canadian, without automatically being hostile to Americans?

Amen! Excellent post!