CFL Armchair Football

has anyone heard or played this unique old board game?
it was made in 1985 (20 yrs old!!!) by a company call Betzold Games Inc.
i picked it up at a garge sale about a year ago for 50 cents.

A CFL board game???.. how would you like to turn a 100% profit?.. :lol:

im not sure what you mean by this but maybe :lol:

lol… well… you paid .50 cents for it… i’ll pay ya $1.00 for it… you turn a 100% profit… :lol:

ah yes forgot about the 50 cents part. how bout you don’t pay me a dollar for it hahaha
almost forgot :lol:

Actually believe it or not I have it too…don’t have the slightless clue where I got it. The board has the logo of all 9 teams but montreals logo is of the Concordes.

yes that is it and there is a big black guy on the front with a cfl jersey and a canadian helmet and he is carrying a ball and he is dirty with mud that looks very dark

There are also CFL bosrd games on ebay at the moment.

here is is:

[url=] ... otohosting[/url]

Yep. I had a copy of that game. Every offensive player in the league had a statistics card with potential outcomes based on dice rolls. The players selected an offensive play and defensive play and then the dice were rolled and the outcome based on what defence and play were called. I would have to look but I may still have it.

I have this game to. It’s cool!

its kind of funny, because for this league, thats probably the most advanced games ever made by the CFL. Thats so much better than the Arena Football league getting an EA Sports contract. So While everyone in the states is playing AFL2006 or Madden 2006, us canadians can still play our CFL board games

Interesting… I’ve never would have guessed that this even existed.

Is it role playing like Dungeons and Dragons, or what?

Like iIf you beat the Eskimos do you get the “Brian Kelly +1 helmet of awesome catching”?