CFL Arena Football Watch

The Agos found success last year with a couple of Arena football players. DB Pacino Horne and LT Tony Washington key components for the Argos Grye Cup Run.

The Argos again will be looking for Oline help at OT

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The Next Chad Owens ?

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Mike Washington 5'8 WR from U Hawaii taking a similar path to owens.
He may also be catching passes from former LSU QB Jordan Jefferson who spent time on the Als practice roster last year. May want to keep an eye on the Pitt Power.
Check the schedule as CBS SN will be carrying a game of the week on saturday nights.

ADRIAN MCPERSON SPENDING will be spending the season as the Tampa Bay storm's starting QB most likely. A few days after McPherson signed last years starting QB retired.


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TAMPA BAY STORM'S 2012 starting QB retires


ADRIAN MCPHERSON is actually the second Montreal QB to sign with an Arena Football team. LSU QB JORDAN JEFFERSON spent Time on the Als practice roster in 2012 as a rookie

Kick returners have always been important part of the CFL but last season Chris Williams took it to the next leveland was joined by several others that really made a huge difference.
Keep an eye on this guy out of UNLV who has just signed with the Arizona Rattlers rookie Deante Purvis. among one of the final cuts in 2012 of the super bowl 49ers will be looking to show his stuff for scouts. Being a Return specialist carries much more importance in the CFL than NFL most likely the reason he has joined the Arena Football league with the CFL using the new Arena legue to find those diamonds in the rough.

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SHAY HOGE former Ole Miss and 1st team DEC REC signed by TI CATS.

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JEREMY GEATHERS is back with the spokane shock in the Arena League. Not a big name but has bounced up and down from the AFL to CFL. He plays an important position of DE which as we all know is a need for everyone. after being the Arena Bowl MVP in 2010 BC Lions signed him for the remainder of the season on the 9 game IR. back to Arena in 2011- 2012 back to BC training camp in 2012 and finally with the Argos at 26 he may get one more shot in the CFL do to the position he plays

ROD HARPER is another Arena player to watch out for. REC and return specialist at 6"1’ has exhausted his NFL options. He is a little on the older side as he will be 28 for this upcoming CFL season. He is in BC Lions territory playing for Spokane Shock in witch Lions GM Buono has had a pipeline going with imports.

RASHAD BARKSDALE A DB for the Tampa Storm the same team as Adrian Mcpherson is an interesting player to watch in the Arena League this season. After not playing football since H.S. to concentrate on baseball, when baseball fell through he played one season for Albany a Division I FCS (1AA) and after only one season was drafted by the Eagles in 2007 spent the 2007 season on the Chiefs 53 man roster than began to bounce from team to team practice rosters to 53 man rosters until he exhausted all his options. He went to the arena league in 2011 and had a tryout with Calgary in 2011 and back to Arena in 2012 for a bad Kansas City team that was first in the league on defense but last on offense.
With Tampa Storm this season he will not have that problem. He has also been very affective in playing the motion receiver much like a CFL HB would do.
I would not be shocked to see him in a CFL camp this season even though he is 28. He only played one season of college football and one full season on the Chiefs 53 man roster playing specials before ending his NFL stint in 2009 with the Cardinals and was realesed on August 6th 2010 as he had no practic squad eligibilty left. 2010 was only his 5th season of football after only one year of College and the rest in the NFL.
now that he has mastered covering a forward motion receiver after tow season in the Arena League I suspect he will gain some CFL attention.

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Being in Florida should also help his chances as many CFL tryout camps are held in Florida and he will come into any tryout with a very impressive NFL resume. I could see Chris Jones in Toronto now giving him a second look after the 2011 stint with the Stamps when Jones was there to see if he has improved at covering a receiver in forward motion as the Argos will be looking for a HB to replace Mcoullough. The first time around with the CFL he was just fresh off a full season with Kansas City in the Arena league learning to cover the REC in forward motion.
He will not be the first stampeder to get a shot with the stamps in 2011, Tony Washington, only to be released and return to the Arena league for another season in 2012 only to become the Anchor on the Argos Oline at LT for the second half of the season.

Very impressive NFL resume for a guy who only played one season on college football at the NCAA FCS division (1AA)

LEVI HORNE OT out of University of Montana just signed with the spokane shock. After being an FCS all American and 3 NFL seasons spending time on practice rosters and 53 man rosters released last cuts by the vikes in 2012 and with no PR eligibility did not catch on with another NFL team. Most likely being assigned to the Shock he is most likely on the BC Lions Neg List. Would not be surprised to see him on BC Lions roster at the latest after the Arena football season once Oline injuries set in and Ben Archibald is not getting any younger.

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Most likley would have been signed by BC if Olifoye was able to pass a physical in the NFL.
Last season the Lions signed former U Washington stand out Ben Ossai from the Shock after a couple of months into his second stint with the Shock.

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Steve, Jeremy Geathers looked very promising 3 years ago when we signed him mid-season as a defensive end. He was activated for one game (vs the Argos at Empire Field), was chop blocked, blew out his knee, and was gone for the season. The Lions then re-signed and later released him.

And yes, the Spokane Shock has been quite a pipeline for signings for the BC Lions, and I wouldn't be surprised if they sign more O-line imports. A rumour surfaced a few weeks ago that has since been downplayed that Ben Archibald was about to announce his retirement. This probably means 2013 is his last season.

GM Buono has a nice system going here and signing of Ossai who they most likley were following very closely last Arena season. With that news of Archibalds pending retirement having Horne close by in Spokane There will be options and depth.

Also watch out for Adrian McOherson's QB partner in Tampa SHANE BOYD. Boyd played in the Arena league last season and appears to be getting the starting nod over McPherson to start the season but in an interview with Boyd you get the feeling that both will be very comfortable together and play with Tampa this season.
Boyd 4 year letterman at Kentucky where he also played baseball.
Bounced through the NFL circuit and played a season in NFLE where he became the NFLE all time time leading rushing QB.
had a brief stint with the ALS in 2009 but chose the UFL and paralyed that into a short stin on the Colts PR all during the 2009 season.
Now like Mcpherson he will be looking to get a lot more practice snaps as well as game snaps in the Arena league this season.

I would be interested to see if a CFL team may bring him in again great runner be great as a short yardage QB and some special situations that a lot of people thought they might have seen from McPherson in Montreal in 2012 but Coach Trestman just did not opporate that way. Both BC and Hamilton have some very young QBs who are entering there 2nd or 3rd year out of college and Boyd could be a nice fit for that short yardage role.

JORDAN JEFFERSON, 1012 season on MONTREAL Practice roster, set to start in his first Arena Football game for the PITT POWER

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First week of Arena football league stat leaders. ADRIAN MCPHERSON leads the league in rushing after week one and rushed for 5 TDS. Also was among the leaders in passing after week one. Adding 2 TD passes.

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That did not take long after only one week of Arena Football play and the BC LIONS have already used the SPOKANE SHOCK pipeline and HORNE is no a Lion. Ben Archibald is aging and Horne will join a couple of other import OT signings with NFL and CFL expereince. Appears that with Olifoye locked down they will be looking to add a couple of othe young Import OTs to start and back up as bookends on the Oline. 2nd year Canadian Matt Norman will be back to start at guard while easing his way into taking over as the Lions center. Suddenly a shaky looking BC Oline is starting to take some solid shape.

Who will be the next Arena Player to make the jump

Just wanted to say thank-you to cflsteve for this thread and all his information gathering and contributions.

Great info. Thanks Steve. Much appreciated.

The CFL has really had a great relationship with the Arena league in finding players.
Much like the CFL the Arena League has also had to become more financially responsible and find its fit in the pro football scene in North America. Alot of import players have been able to go through the AFL and land jobs in the CFL.
I hope that Talks with the Arena League and Saskatchewan can now begin again and in corresponding with the 67's marketing department and in charge of the Civic Centre they are considering all options to have more full time tenants for the Civis Centre and the Arena League is one option they will be looking into.
Like the NCAA and NFL US players sometimes slip through the cracks and others just need a bridge to fill the gap between the NCAA and US players who have used up practice squad and other options and some are not NFL friendly as they are unrestricted free agents.
The should be done with an untapped source of talent coming out of the CIS and with limited roster space on FL training camp rosters havinr an east and west team in Canada with a predominate Canadian Roster will give these players a place to play. Could be really good for Canadian QBs to get some much needed snaps as a starter or even back up. This model has worked with the NLL indoor lacrosse teams in Canadian cities with predominate Canadian rosters.