CFL area rugs at Home Depot

found this in the ticats forum:
pretty nice area rugs. dunno where i'd put one in my house tho? maybe a spare bedroom?

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I saw some small ones for your door front there last year. I find it strange there at Home Depot and not Rona, mind you just as long as there available thats all that matters to me.

I bought a Bombers one last year. I put it outside my back door to wipe my feet on before I soil my back entrance with my gardening shoes! My dog scoots across it occationally, for it's abrasive qualities, to help him keep clean down there.

It really compliments the Bomber helmet sticker in the bottom of my toilet.

Cool rugs, but way overpriced, even with their so called slashed prices. $800 buys me a top of the line carpet for my whole living room, not a 10x13 rug. :x

Man I'd love one of those! I might buy the little one for my friend who's an Argo fan.

You may want to explain what a rug is for those Rider Fans. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: