CFL archived game streams?

I live across the pond in the UK and the games are at godawful hours for us here.

I have a hard time watching the games live. Does anyone know of any website that keeps archived full length game streams??

Would really help me out!

If I knew what you were talking about, I would gladly help you. I only responded because I think someone should recognize a fellow fan. Cheers, Dan

The TSN website,, used to have a Video on Demand (aka VOD) page, which had an archive of all CFL games for the year. Last year, I think they changed it to only keep the more recent games, but at least they were all there for a week. Unfortunately, I seem to remember people outside Canada complaining that they couldn't watch the videos, so that might not work for you - unless you have an ISP spoofing utility.

No idea if they will be doing any of this this year or not. But it's worth looking into.

Good luck. And welcome to the forums. (Too bad you're an Argos fan, though. :wink: )

It appears not even a VPN will help on TSN now as it requires an account with a Canadian cable TV provider.

I knew that was the case for live video, but archives too. That’s ridiculous.

Unfortunately the entire world is shutout from watching archived CFL games, except for select Ontario & Quebec Rogers/Bell subscribers.

If you have friends or family who are Bell or Rogers subscribers, you can use theirs. It works for me here in Thailand. No VPN needed. CFL games have never been country restricted on the VOD website. Nearly every other sport is but not CFL.

Say hi to Rob in Chiang Rai.

My only cable connection in Canada, which I occasionally use via Slingbox, is on Shaw. :x

That's true, but you would need their account number and password. They would have to trust that you wouldn't be ordering specialty channels etc :oops:

This service is supposed to work very well, which costs $5 per month and includes U.S. Netflix, access to TSN/ESPN live streaming and digital archives, plus all U.S. regional content, youtubes, etc. 8)

But it still doesn't help you to watch TSN VOD, you still need to subscribe to Bell or Rogers, you still have to enter the Bell or Rogers user name and password. It doesn't help you to get ESPN3 either, unless your internet provider carries ESPN3.

I was thinking with having a valid U.S. IP address, fans could live stream from the ESPN website or watch CFL games on the ESPN video archive. So there may be no need for TSN?

No, tried it already. I have IP HIde which is the same thing. You can be in the US or Europe and use a Canadian IP but when you try to watch TSN VOD it will ask you for your Rogers or Bell username, so an IP change won't help you.
When you try to watch ESPN3, it will ask you for your internet provider and if your provider is not on their list you can't watch it, even if your IP is in the US