CFL appoints Scott Banda as Chair of its Board of Governors

TORONTO — The CFL has appointed Scott Banda as the 40th Chair of its Board of Governors.

Banda, who recently retired as CEO of Federated Co-Operatives Limited (FCL), brings to his new role extensive experience as an executive, legal counsel and board member, along with a passion for sport and a reputation for prioritizing people and community.

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He has not previously served on the CFL Board on behalf of a club.

So no CFL background, nor any pro sports background.

I guess no one can accuse him of pushing the league towards the XFL.


He's more of a money guy though. The next CBA contract talks should be interesting in 5 to 7 years. Don't expect him to care about traditions etc.

Well a bean counter is certainly not what the CFL requires. It needs a charismatic Marc Cohon type who can promote the league.



What role does the chair of the BOG have? I don't recall previous chairs doing any media tours or anything like that.

IIRC, this was one of the requirements they set out for. Well, not necessarily the no pro sports background, but no CFL affiliation.

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Here is one definition of a Chairman of the Board.

A board chair is often seen as a facilitator of meetings when, in reality, the Chairman of the board has way more responsibilities. In this role, the Chair of the Board of Directors stays focused on the organization’s best interests.

They also set the tone for effective corporate governance and leadership. Board Chairs collaborate with the CEO or Executive Director to shape the board’s culture and work. From their board seat, their role is to influence the board’s direction and priorities. The role is active, allowing board members to build upon their strengths while facilitating growth in favor of the organization.

Perhaps no outside promotion is required of him, but with no sports or media background it is difficult to see how he can influence the BOG or help with league growth.

As with all things, time will tell.

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Look for a lockout once the Players terminate the CBA in 5 years with this guy. The dude had a lockout on his CO-OP refinery for to cut pensions for his workers


The position of Chair of the Board of Governors has traditionally been focused on the business side of the league rather than the on field product. Previous chair's without a direct sports background include current Toronto Mayor John Tory and outgoing Chair Dale Lastman... his association with MLSE notwithstanding.

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Tory has a media background with Rogers, & Lastman certainly has a sports background as director of MLS & close associate of Larry Tanenbaum. Brought in the
Als new owners.

Banda has neither. What can he bring to the table that the league requires? I guess we'll find out.

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A Bettmansque lockout. Set your doomsday clock for a CFL apocalypse


My point is that these are lawyers and business people. True, Dale Lastman does serve as a board member of MLSE but on the business side. Unlike the Commissioner position where Randy Ambrosie actually played in the league.

For anyone concerned about this appointment leading to a lockout down the road.

From Dan Barnes

Looks like the opposite happened

He just rubber stamped the CBA on his part. Wait in 5 years when he truly has his MO on league matters

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Before you paint him with that brush, look at what Unifor was doing on the other side of that dispute as well.

Unifor didn't lock out the workers, but it got a deal done in the end