CFL announces U.S. and International broadcast schedule

TORONTO — The 2023 Canadian Football League (CFL) season will reach more American and international fans through CBS Sports Network and the league’s new free, online live streaming platform – CFL+.

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There does not seem to be any way to sign up for this CFL+ thing. I would love to watch here in Sweden - but at the moment your website has no e-mail or sign up link.

Welcome. Unfortunately I believe you have to join up 5 minutes before the game starts kind of thing. If you still have trouble join a game thread and someone will help you. If you fall asleep before the game starts, try looking for it on YouTube a couple of days later.

it is hard to find full games on Youtube - you are relying on random people to post and the quality is… not always the best.
So it would be nicer with a known quality product from the CFL

Välkommen! Jag är mycket glad att det finns intresse i CFL där i fosterlandet!

In English this time; Welcome! Unfortunately, CFL+ is another of many entities on the internet that does not see the need to provide details about how it works. When I attempted to log on the first time I could not find a way to enter my information either. I continued to search for a portal when suddenly the game presentation started to play! The only explanation I can imagine is that I had once sent an Email to my favorite team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I can only guess that since my information was recorded somewhere in the League’s database I was already “qualified” to receive games. That is only a guess on my part, but I have had no problem seeing subsequent games. I would be surprised if someone else does not come up with better information soon, but if that doesn’t happen, try sending an E-mail to one of the teams or to the League.
Igen, Välkommen, och Lycka till!

There is a thread or maybe even more than one setting out how to sign into CFL games. I just can’t remember the name of the thread(s). I have heard of others that had an experience similar to yours.

Perhaps @GridironGirl can point @Sandra in the right direction for full details.

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I’m checking in to find out if anyone was able to help you get signed in with CFL+.
Were you successful?

This past week I was at conference so no time to really poke around with this. But no luck so far - have to test out with the team and see if they have any other info.

Sandra make sure you add the site to your home page. The day of the game, scroll down on the first page about 5 minutes before the game starts. You should see a play button arrow and click on it. If it isn’t there, keep trying. I have found that the play arrow takes time to appear.


Is there not an option to watch the game after it has been played - game time is like 2 or 3 AM - I am looking to watch games the following day or weekend

Yes, it’s been discussed quite a bit on another thread.

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So I guess we are back to rando’s posting random quality recordings of games. Seriously CFL had a solution some years back then they ditched and and it has been complete crap since then

YouTube has free high-quality CFL replays for games.

YouTube works fine for the rest of the world for highlights for virtually all major leagues and sports and even many niche sports.

There’s no need to make excuses.

Fix your damn TV or equipment if you still have problems.

Those are NOT CFL issues or media issues or issues for anybody else.

We’re here to help when you are all set-up at long last.

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Paolo if I had any interest in watching a highlight reel I would watch them on CFL youtube - they have been there for years, I have no F’s to give for 10min highlight reel without context of a game

I want to watch WHOLE games - cfl does not really post those - when they rarely do it is no often games I have an interest in seeing.

So if you have some magical link to a special page on youtube - share it instead of being just assuming people have not looked for them: @cfl/featured
no where in this channel is there recent, this season WHOLE games. Of course TSN also does not post full games.

Just buy software and record it

Well it just sounds like you are SOL because you don’t like YouTube for the replays, for they do post the whole games and everybody else can watch fine.

Oh well you do you, and I guess nobody can help you now!

Here for example was just one link to the full game replay, but if YOU actually go to YouTube yourself guess what? You’ll find them too in the days after games!

Fix your damn TV too while you are at it!

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Not sure why you keep telling me to fix my ‘damn TV’, it works perfectly fine. I live in Sweden so the games are not on TV - we rely on them being available for purchase or on the CFL site. Currently when I access the CFL site on youtube there is ZERO full games there (because yes I know how to work a computer and go to youtube!). Maybe they have them geo-locked so you can only see them in Canada.

Highlights are fun if you watched the game and saw the lead up to that play they have - but 10min highlight reel from a game where 3-5 min of that time is just chit chat, is just not really that much fun compared to watching the whole game, good, bad, and ugly.

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Just because you can’t find the full games on YouTube when they are there does not mean they are not. We’ve even provided one link as an example.

Did you bother to check it? I bet you didn’t. So there, that’s why perhaps you have more to fix than your TV?

You’ll just have to live with yourself without them now. Sorry, not sorry.


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It’s so cool that full CFL game replays have been on YouTube for months now!

If you have not found them yet and know how to use YouTube, have another look!

Otherwise all games are live now on CFL+ for those outside of Canada, and they are also on Pirate Sports Network if for whatever reason CFL+ fails you or is not available to you.

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