CFL announces two fines from Week 15, one from Week 13

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced the following fines on Thursday:

The CFL also announced an additional fine from Week 13:

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"On-field official Tom Vallesi was fined for the use of inappropriate and explicit language"

I never done seen that before! (I think my opinion of him just went up)

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I think sometimes both referees and the league forget that the game is football - it is likely the roughest game going. So what if a ref utters a few words here or there - unless they were directed at a player for the purpose of hurting or said within hearing of the audience, then let it go. Also, these so called high hit penalties and fines - I watch the replays very closely and frankly most of these calls are nonsense. I'll bet you anything that one of these so called "horrible calls" will determine the Grey Cup. If it does, then heads will have to roll!

Amazing ! I know for fact that every play from every game is analysed by the head officials after the games. Mainly to help teach the officials in making the right call. I always thought that the officials, if they messed up, were privately punished if it was a serious mistake.
But to publically announce an official was punished for anything is a 1st for me.