CFL announces two fines from Eastern Final

TORONTO — The CFL announced the following fines on Wednesday:

As per league policy, the amount of the player fine was not disclosed.

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six games eh.

crazy considering he was only 'defending' himself from 'drunken' Cats fans.


SIX?! That'll never hold up. He'll appeal and it'll be knocked down to one, maybe two. He'd have to put the fan in the hospital to get suspended a third of the season.

six games eh . :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Actually there is another video that I seen from the other side behind the fan and he actually never touched Edwards. Just put his hands up with the flag.

the fan didn't touch Edwards.

that's why charges weren't laid on the fan, only trespassing.

I'm still expecting Edwards to get charged with assault.

Yes 6 games is does seem somewhat over done. League trying to send a message, that fans are off limits but way over board with 6 games. As you said that will never standup ! The union will get it dropped to maybe a fine or at worst a 1 pre-season game and 1 reguliar game suspension.
However the Fan should be banned from attending games. At least arrested for assault. Sporting events do not have to tolerate the athletes being attacked or ignorantly disrespected.

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has there ever been a case or situation when an appeal resulted in a reduction as large as 6 down to "a fine" or "at worst 1 pre-season and 1 regular game"?

I mean, nothing would surprise me when it comes to the horseshit that Toronto can get away with, but that would be rather precedent setting, no?

I can see 6 being reduced down to 4 - max.

Also, what's the point of appealing when likely Edwards wasn't going to play in the league next year as it is? He's basically trash. USFL or something similar for his future.

Agreed, the fans should not be assaulting players, but the players shouldn't be climbing into the stands. The initial allegation that a fan spit beer at a player which caused the players to launch into the stands ... well, punish that fan, if he can be found. The rest is a wash, I think.
One game for climbing into the stands and another game for laying hands on a fan. I haven't seen all the videos, but if the fan assaulted the player then ban him from the stadium - maybe from all CFL stadiums - for a year. Pretty hard to do any harm to a player in full football gear though, so an actual charge for assault - while technically valid - probably won't happen.

Edwards is a jerk no sympathy for him but I think the fans got off quite a bit too easy as well.

Actually he wasn’t the fan charged with trespassing cause he was on the concourse and edwards hopped the railing to confront them. The two fans charged with trespassing are the two who were in the area where the argo players walk to there room.


appreciate that further info.

6 games is ridiculous. :-1:

He should have been fined for venturing into the stands. I'd be okay with 1 game.

There is absolutely no proof that he had any intention of actually physically engaging someone. We can only assume. The fan that he swung at totally ambushed him. The fan that he swung at was not at all the fan (or fans) that he was jawing with. The fan swung first. Edwards took one swing in defensive reaction and walked away. If the same incident had happened on the field, Edwards would be praised for his actions against a total idiot. The only thing that Edwards really did wrong is venture that far into the concourse, which was not smart at all.

This league is total bs. Randy is a lousy commissioner. This is a total Bettman/Goodell type of move. If it looks bad in the press, make up a rule on the spot and throw the book at him. If no one notices, sweep it under the rug. It's a total garbage way to run things.

Maybe it’s punishment for the team salary cap excesses and the breaches of Covid protocol?:yawning_face:

The Argos have become a creepy organization


I will give you a moment to bask.

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Times up

When you treat adults like spoiled children. They will prove you're correct

are you calling yourself a spoiled child?

If it makes you sleep better, fine

I sleep fine..... I know who my HC / GM /QB will be next season