CFL announces plans to return-to-play for 2021 season

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) Commissioner Randy Ambrosie issued the following statement on Wednesday announcing the League’s Return-to-Play plans for the 2021 season:

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I hope the vaccinations continue at a good pace and allow for our return to cfl football...

Just as I read and got excited in the first paragraph, well, some update is better than the awful communication from the league we have had for weeks now, but there are all these qualifiers and it's as if there are some sniveling attorneys waiting in the wings the way this is all laid out. Damnit.

It all points to a period in mid-June when the league will have to assess whether its new start date is attainable.

“Aug. 5 is based on a lot of conversations with public health authorities that we would have a lot more information and will see a real decline as this third wave passes through,” said commissioner Randy Ambrosie. “With more and more people getting vaccinated, there’s a lot of indication that early June will give us more information for a final decision to go.

“In early June we’ll be collecting all of our data and be in contact with public health officials.”

Ambrosie said he could not be specific about what percentage of stadiums would have to be open to fans for the league to play, given the different capacities.

Well everybody, it's been so much banter but I have had mostly fun how about you?

And well, there is a minimum of 6 more weeks of the status quo here now.

And you know what? There's not a damn thing any one of us can do about it, so I guess we enjoy the ride as hopefully things continue to improve and more quickly for once.


August 4th, still over 3 months away................... :joy:
If fans in the stand then all games should played in the afternoon, Sept to Dec. If no fans in the stands it doesn't matter

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Oh yes indeed, I was trying to be more optimistic in the face of this sordid reality, for it does not sound like we get a real update until mid-June as noted but in reality I think we get that update before Memorial Day anyway from beyond the CFL.

Either the pandemic situation is better by then or it's not, and then well we can fill in most of the blanks.

From February through April it's not getting better for reasons cited despite vaccinations.

We shall see now that the vaccinations are ramped up finally.

Winnipeg blue bombers are Still the CFL champs!!!

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