CFL announces Division ALL STARS

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Mitchell White is a CB, and was released at the same time as Dominique Ellis.. we should have grabbed him when we had the chance.

The East Division QB is a Back up, sort of explains why all the East teams finished the season below .500.

Can NOT believe Harris is East Division Allstar QB??
Who in the world votes for these positions,the MEDIA??
Dumb ....s! :cowboy:

[b][i]"The Division All-Stars were selected by members of the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) and CFL head coaches.

The East Division All-Stars were selected by the voting members of the FRC from the East Division markets, the National Chapter and the East Division head coaches.

The West Division All-Stars were selected by the voting members of the FRC from the West Division markets, the National Chapter and the West Division head coaches."[/i][/b]

At least it wasn't Hank!!!!! We would never here the end of it

Maybe we haven't heard the end? We haven't seen the TSN interviews featuring Hank yet! :smiley:

Wow, Fantuz isn't on the list!

Fantuz deserves it more than Williams

Fantuz>>>>>>>> Williams

Williams had over 1200 yards and 10 TDs and lightning speed and can turn a 5 yard gain into a huge gain and he missed 5 games. Fantuz caught a lot of balls and did his usual 5 to 10 yards and fall down.
I would take Sinopoli over Fantuz.

Oh please. Chris Williams is only good at evading tacklers because he has lightning speed. I would take Tuz over him any day. Williams drops way too many balls. Andy had almost 25 more catches than Williams, and I would wager that Tuz has half the amount of drops, too. Tuz didn't exactly have the best QB throwing him the ball either.

Fantuz played 16 games and 101 catches. Williams played 14 games and 77 catches. Andy and "Thick Nick"Lewis were the best slots in the east. Williams was thrown to 117 times for a 66% success rate, while Andy was targeted 128 times for a 79% success rate.

Andy's numbers were also better than Sinopoli's but both receivers make the tough catches over the middle. Williams avoids the middle like Trump avoids facts. I'm not saying that the vote was "rigged" but our boy Andy got jobbed! :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

This is like the days when there was a first All Star Team and a Second All Star Team.
I remember those days ,do not recall if it was the CFL ,but no matter.
The WEST is the First All Star Team .
East is ,well you know......