CFL announces date for 2021 CFL National Draft

TORONTO — The 2021 CFL National Draft will take place on Tuesday, May 4 starting at 7:00 p.m. ET, the league has announced.

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First signs of a 2021 season! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:
Ticats pick 1,9 ,18,19, 36,37and 54

The annual stock up on O-linemen day.
Can't beat the February free agency as an important time in the off-season

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I think the CFL should operate a Indoor Football League to assist Canadians football players to accelerate in their development, especially Canadian QBs, RBs, WR and DEs. positions that Canadians are short of.

Play in the offseason for 10 weeks, have a 5 team league that plays along the 401 corridor, each CFL team shares a Indoor team. The 5th team will be one team of CFL Canadians and USPORTS free Agents, kids that get passed over, fall through the cracks, maybe Brandon Bridge makes a comeback, Rookie Canadian coaches get a chance to coach and operate a football team

Everything should be utilized to get Canadians as much touches and experiences to help in their development. Maybe make some money and create awareness on the side during this

Looking like a very strong and deep draft class at both LB & DB position groups IMO.

The Esks have an empty cupboard at NI LB it seems ?

BC might look for D-backfield help

The CFL can't operate right now without fans in the stands. Some teams were losing money before the pandemic.
Talking about an indoor football league at this time? no they shouldn't be developing Canadians. It's up to the universities to develop players and get them ready for the pros, it's not up to CFL teams to develop players.

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I know that the CFL can't operate without fans.

Universities don't offer full ride scholarships. The CFL can't depend on schools to develop Canadians. This league needs Canadian stars. An indoor league levels the playing field for Canadian kids. Have to develop Canadian QBs especially. Can't afford to lose talent like Brandon Bridge and Chris Marchant when American coaches won't give them a chance

I was going to say that same expression leveling the playing field .

Unlike the USA where the Universities football programs are well financed factories while the CDN content is more ad hoc it's there but it's not as fluid .

I Favour an approach where the PRO league and amateur become one all the way to children's flag/Minor football to University /Junior Leagues . Where they are all celebrated during a week long
CDN football festival in November .

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The CFL has always been provided LOTS of Canadian football talent - from Canadian college ball, some Junior graduates (Andrew Harris, Zack Evans, Jermaine Gabriel as some recent examples = all starters on GC winning teams) AND from the many Canadians who get fine US college ball training and come home to play in the CFL- that's been happening for decades.

The Canadian talent pool is as deep & strong as ever IMO; but sure, some extra development resource like you are suggesting with an indoor league or whatever, would be nice. Merchant had to go over to Europe to continue playing - and has been superb leading his Spanish pro team to an undefeated season - too bad CFL dullards wouldn't notice and bring him back for a CFL TC shot; with so many CFL teams so weak or lacking now for QB depth or TC competition ??? Mind you - Hec & Vanier winning QB Adam Sinagra got totally snubbed/ignored in the last CFL draft - typical / same old CFL.


Merchant and Singara had their chance, the problem is that they didn't play in the NCAA. They never threw into NCAA and future NFL defenses or chased down by NCAA players that are bigger, faster, better coached than in the CIS. The NCAA QBs can read defenses. play a longer season. Merchant may be looking good in the Spanish league playing with some guys that just play on weekends with very little coaching but the CFL is a great pro-league and the current QBs are pretty good and have beaten out other highly rated NCAA QBs to make a CFL team.

The Canadian talent pool is good but these players should never be given a free pass to play because they are Canadian, they should make a team on their talent.
Buckley in Calgary was good enough to make the Stamps as a back up, he was not given preference as a Canadian, he showed promise but made a career decision to be a doctor. There are a few good Canadian QBs in the NCAA, see what happens with them.

Michael Sam DE won the defensive player of the year in SEC if he is the typical speedy NCAA guy I think U sports are just fine . This was a guy too small for the NFL .

I can give hundred more hero NCAA players who were crap in the CFL .

He ran around the CFL field like he was carrying a piano on his back he was that slow .

I think your way over rating the NCAA . They are numerous well trained and coaching is night and day for many football programs that I agree on .

Football is unlike hockey , basketball or even baseball . You could take a guy with little training and make him a football player ( exception QB )

There is two ideas that are lost in Canada compared to the US

A) some kids don't go to university and are great athletes they could play in the Juniors and develop for pro CDN football

B) some kids like to stay right here for University and never put the sport above their education ( which is the proper attitude ) They are talented and just as athletic as their NCAA competition they just need some further technique development which isn't insurmountable


But we were discussing Canadian QBs and their lack of experience compared to an NCAA QB.

Yes but we are discussing the faster NCAA players being comparable to faster CFL players .

I Agree with coaching and technique development is superior but not having a CFL CDN QB is really a CFL problem not a U sports problem there have been plenty of good QB's not given proper development or opportunity ,

Russ Jackson himself would not even get a chance today .

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That's the important, prime factor that some of these types just can't grasp. How who (background, biases, knowledge) is making the decisions on which QBs get to even-try out, let alone make a CFL roster or play, is such a huge influence/factor.

And pretty amusing how the Canadian football system can produce cream of the crop players for the CFL that are clearly & easily better than some NCAA trained players in the league, at every position other than QB ??? But the taught / sold hook, line & sinker cliche is that Canadian QBs from U Sport ball couldn't possibly compete against NCAA super-hero QB training; so why bother to give them even a real chance to compete - no need for CFL on field proof. Laughable; but also sad & pathetic. Some of these guys probably have no clue who Russ Jackson was.

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Stamps top 2 choices at #s 8 & 11 should be interesting.

Huff usually pretty sharp in the draft.

O-line might be a big need with the retirements of vets Bergman & Erdos; pretty decent O-Line crop as usual and they might be able to get local Dinos product Logan Bandy at #8.

Lots of good DB prospects this draft and they might be able to get a good one to push or provide depth at S to team with starter Royce Metchie.

Wonder if they would take a gamble on Calgary guy Amen Ogbongbemiga and hope he doesn't stick in the NFL? Future MLB starter to replace Greenwood ?

Nahhhh that sucks man. Traded good players for 8 and 11. All the good o line men will be taken. This draft pisses me off. Calgary will always be at the bottoms of each draft.calgary always has lower draft picks still build a fucking championship team. Other teams: were tired of calgary winning we still lose with high draft picks

Disagree, big-time; Huff has always held on to draft picks, plus accumulated extra ones from other sucker teams - part of the reason the Stamps have been so strong.

Will be several very good O-line prospects available at # 8 or 11.