CFL announces 2021 team award winners

TORONTO — The CFL has announced six team award winners from each CFL club who will advance to the next stage of voting in the lead up to the 2021 CFL Awards.

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I was bang on with my Stamps, except o-line and defensive player- so I guess mediocre

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Way to go Simoni. I have no doubt that seeing your name here twice will raise some hackles in the crowd, not everyone seems to love you😆. Jordan Williams for rookie honors no doubt in my mind. Dedmon's stats should give him serious consideration for MOP, one of the most dynamic players this year.

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Miller and Dedmon are a lock in their respective divisions for special teams. While Miller is at the end of his career, Dedmon is just getting started. Dedmon will EVENTUALLY win the overall special teams award either this year or the next so I'm hoping Miller wins it THIS year. :smiley:

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And the Winners are.......

MOP.............Collaros ( Winnipeg ) runner up.....Stanback ( Montreal )
DEF..............Bighill ( Winnipeg ) runner up .......Lawrence ( Hamilton )
CAN.............Demski ( Winnipeg) runner up.......Gittens jr ( Toronto )
O.L...............Bryant ( Winnipeg ) runner up.......Revenberg ( Hamilton )
S.T...............Dedmon ( Ottawa) runner up........Paredes ( Calgary )
ROOKIE......Williams ( BC ) runner up................Nicastro ( Toronto )

Let the debate begin . Kindly discuss amongst yourselves . :thinking:


I think either Williams or Nicastro have a chance, but 'Shake and Bake' already has the name recognition thing going for him so... he'll be the first rookie who comes to mind when the final votes are cast.

Way to Go Cody, McBeth, shaker Baker... Just 3 that jump out at me

Hard to argue with most of that except I think Miller might be the Western nominee for ST, only out of respect for his entire career, although Dedmon should win it unanimously. Other than that the West and specifically the Bombers sure rule in your predictions, which is perfectly justified this year.

Only other comments:

Bighill- I am somewhat surprised that he was the nominee as I think that Jeffcoat had the best year of any defender in the CFL. He is not, however, undeserving. I think that either of them or Willie would win the award.

Lawrences- Does Hamilton not have any more Lawrences on their roster to make it a clean sweep of nominees?

McBeth- Seriously? Yikes! This isn't an award for most poorly thrown interceptions only to be rescued by your kicker and terrible kicking by the other team. By the same token I'm not overly enamored with Fajardo but I haven't followed Sask that closely, although what I saw of him he didn't impress.

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Definitely thinking along the same lines .

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Player - Stanback........RU Collaros

Defence - Bighill..........RU Simoni Lawrence

Canadian - Demski......RU Micah Teitz

O-Line - Stanley Bryant............RU Sean McEwen

Sp. Team - DeVonte Dedmon...........RU Rene Paredes

Rookie - Jordan Williams...........RU Kian Schaffer Baker

Don't know if you are aware of it or not but the two finalists in each category must be West winner vs East winner .

Therefore you must reconsider your Canadian , O-L and Rookie finalists selections . Other than that I see that we basically agree on every winner with the exception of MOP .

All of them deserving bobo. But there is a tendency to try to even it out with players from the other conference seems to me. I think Bighill & Lawrence will be close as well as Bryant & Revenberg. Do they give it to Bryant a 3rd time or Revenberg who's been good a long time. Lawrence is getting on, 4 time All-Star, maybe it's his time. You've got 5 of the 6 awards going West. I wouldn't disagree with any of them. But I really can't see Collaros getting beat as deserving as Stanback also is. Nor Demski. Williams too should be automatic IMO.

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Sorry . We only have two Lawrence's in stock at the moment on the roster BUT if it interests you we do have also two Evans , two Bennetts , two Davis's , two Wilsons and technically three Whites / Whytes at your disposal . :smiley:


The media should never be allowed to pick these things, they always get most of it wrong.

How does Simoni Lawrence get MOP unanimously but Defensive is not unanimous? Who picks him as the best player on the team but not the best defensive player on the team?!?

See the post above for an explanation. I have seen this before. It defies logic.

I'm going to argue with you here. Shake & Bake is 20th in receiving, Williams is only 1 tackle away from the leading the league, a clear no brainer when it comes time. Nick names are cute but the facts point to only one man, something they best remember. My shaky confidence in mankind rests on this decision.

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I'm with you PorkyPine.

In an ideal world the cream would rise to the top every time. In THAT WORLD our leaders would always be the 'best of the best' instead of 'who looks the best' or 'who lies the best'. In this world the guy with the 'name brand recognition' always has the edge. :roll_eyes:

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Good thing we aren't talking politics here...or are we??:stuck_out_tongue:

Naw (nudge nudge wink wink). :crazy_face: