CFL and XFL merger down the road??

Does anyone else see a possible merger between the 2 leagues if the XFL turns into a solid league? I can see a league with North and South divisions and then playing a championship between a Canadian team and a US team. If the XFL becomes an 8-10 team league with solid foundation I think the smartest thing for growth would be for the 2 leagues to merge. Having a 20 team league 2 conferences and the Grey Cup to be played between both conference winners. Now this would be something I’d love to see. I believe this would be the best idea down the road for growth. Yes the league would have to look at incorporating some rules from the new league but I think it would be a great idea.

Been there done that with the US teams in the CFL.
These leagues down south will fail as they have in the past. We will hear how they are different, different marketing, different ownership, different TV deals. But one thing is constant…Try to sell football in the spring fails because there is no market for spring football, and the NFL is so big and powerful that they dominate the market in the US.

Stay in Canada where we are relavent.

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McMahon tried to buy the CFL league last time.

Also, the XFL will be a spring league, and they will probably prefer to take their chances in the spring against the AAF than the NFL in the fall and winter.

If the CFL doesn’t push the season too early into spring, they could have arrangements with the spring leagues, that they could share players.

When the world league was playing there were some players that played in both leagues. If there was at least a month between the end of the spring leagues and training camp for the CFL, it could reduce the impact of players choosing one league or the other. With the CFL ending at the end of november, that would allow players at least 2 months off before the spring league starts. This might help for players that aren’t starters yet to get more playing time.

merging the two leagues would be very different then how the CFL expansion happened in the 90’s. Its not expansion its a merger. That would mean both leagues would have to compromise rules in order to merge. Like I mentioned if the XFL is successful that would be a big difference from US teams failing. This wouldn’t be about the CFL absorbing a crumbling league it would be merging with a successful league in order to grow 2 leagues together as one. I think it would be a brilliant idea.

…I’m glad we have a forum where different ideas and opinions are presented and explored…also, your idea is terrible…

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Mcmahon trying to buy the CFL is a good reason why I think there would be interest from him to merge down the road. Adjusting the schedule to compromise would clearly be a discussion between the 2 leagues.

I could seriously see this potentially happening at some point.

9-10 separate team owners in Canada, Vince McMahon owning all of the U.S. teams.
How will that work?

Canadian rules or U.S. rules?

CFL season or spring league?

Broadcast network in the U.S.? Will they be interested in a league with half of the teams in Canada and different playing rules?

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We all have our opinions. :wink:

The CFL will be hard pressed to keep players here if the salary cap doesn’t increase to combat both new leagues. If these new spring leagues are successful and their pay scale goes up where does that leave the CFL? It would only water down the talent since players will ultimately go for the $$$. Merging would be a great thing to look at.

I believe the XFL would sell their franchises if the league becomes successful. Vince owning all the teams right now is simply a way of controlling spending and failing like other leagues in the past. (USFL).

The XFL has been looking at rules from the CFL too. They brought in Doug Flutie for his input.

The Schedule will be something that would need to be looked at closely.

Broadcast networks would be interested in my opinion. There are plenty of TV slots on US television that need content. Especially when the NFL is not playing. The NHL has a TV deal in the US and there’s CDN team in the league so if there’s a market that shouldn’t be an issue.

Rules would need to be the the same across the board. it would be a blend of both.

Sorry, but why are we talking about merging with a league that won’t even start for another year?
IF it does get off the ground.
IF it survives the competition from the other new league.
IF the franchises are stable enough to be solid business models.

Personally I don’t understand why people are always intrigued with franchises into the US. In a sport without a player ratio, it makes sense. This isn’t that sport.

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I fully agree. Comparing the CFL to any U.S. league is like comparing apples and oranges. Not only do the U.S. leagues play a very much different game, they play during a different time of year.

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Probably time for the CFL to surrender unconditionally. Let Vince McMahon dictate the terms.

Is this why WWE alumni have been infiltrating CFL playoff games? Reconnaissance missions?

What does this mean - will there be a Canadian-based team in the XFL?

It means if both CFL and XFL were to merge at some point. This would make one league having both CDN and US teams.

Would the XFL be building new stadiums to allow for the larger CFL field? If not, and they stick with the smaller American-size field, then I don’t see them playing three-down football. The smaller field is the reason the NFL went to four downs, as teams weren’t able to make first downs on the narrower field with only three downs. Also, 12 players a side wouldn’t work well on the smaller field.

So, four-down 11-man football, butwith our kicking rules?


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Yes. It will be based in Toronto and owned by Rogers.

The great thing about all of these league that fail is that they all brought something that was innovative that the CFL and NFL can use.
The overhead camera comes to mind.

I believe the XFL is planning on playing in some MLS stadium. I don’t know if those would be able to fit a CFL field.

The CFL might soon have no choice but to accept 1, 2 or 3 US expansion if Toronto, Montreal and BC fold. Use the spare television money from TSN to help keep them afloat.

If it has a team in New York maybe the league won’t need to have a team in Toronto to survive.

If the XFL can prove to be successful over the next two or three decades, then I’d be open to considering some sort of merger.

Would the XFL be willing to go to 3 downs and play on the Canadian field?

Also has others have mentioned, how can leagues merge if they play at different times of the year.

The XFL merging with the AAF is more likely and even that is low.