CFL and TSN panders to the East again.

How rediculous is it to change the time of the Edmonton-Calgary, Labour Day classic for no other reason than to pander to those in the Eastern Time zone. Traditionally this game is an afternoon start which allows fans travelling from Edmonton to take in the rivalry a chance to get home at a somewhat decent hour. The many fans who drive or take busses to the game will now arrive home at 1:00 or 2:00 in the AM after fighting stadium traffic and the rediculous Calgary road system. It would have made far more sense to play the usual 2:00 afternoon start for this game and if the Toronto Sports Network insisted on an evening game for the Eastern fans benefit, then it should have been the Toronto-Hamilton tilt that should have been assigned the late start.


At a loss for words I see.

I agree. The logic of the late start is typically Canadian, screw the west for the benefit of the east. With that said there isn't really much of a benefit to the east with this ridiculous scheduling which makes one question the decision even more. Quite simply it screws the Edmonton fans coming for the game. I hate Edmonton but this decision simply makes no sense.

Why is their natural grass at Commonwealth?

So the Eskimo cheerleaders can graze.

Yep, love to watch the grazing.

It screws hamilton fans too because we're gunna get some crazy a$$ sunburn :lol:

I m not at a loss for words...Im biting my tongue

Every time something happens that westerners(some not all) dont like....Its the fault of the east and Toronto

How is this TSN's fault? Do you know for a fact that they had it changed?
How is it the east's fault?
Do you know for a fact that the east or Toronto asked for it to be changed?

You dont like the fact that Edmonton plays at 5 so you want Toronto to play at 7?

It makes me think of the Quebec separatists. every time they dont like something

C'est la fault du Federal!!!!!

All I can say is, So what? When I went to the Eskimos game in Hamilton, I didn't get home until some time after 11, and when I go to the Stampeders game in Hamilton in a couple weeks, I likely won't get home until well after midnight. It happens to anyone who travels to see a game.

Personally, I'm glad they moved the start time back. I didn't want to have to start drinking at 4 pm. :smiley:

The West is the oppressed and the oppressor are the tyrants at TSN. Once again, the superpowers in the East have colluded to inconvenience the hard working, blue collar Westerners in every imaginable way. From siphoning gas from combines to leaving barn doors open, and now this? The only answer is to rise up and create a political party that panders to the needs of Western Canadians so that finally we will have a voice in Parliament. What's that? It's been done? And failed?! No doubt the Liberals had something to do with this. Curse those Eastern bastards!

Also, ridiculous. Not reeeeediculous.

They should altenate the start of the games of which one is played earlier and later. I also have to question why the LD games are always in the same city why not alternate locations each year as well (keeping the same matchups)

The explanation given for the late start is it was done for TV, the same excuse that was used to explain all of the Thursday night games Edmonton had to endure. I don't have a problem with playing Thursday night games because the time is better for fans in the Eastern Time Zone but for gods sake at least move it around, to make one team have to eat the bulk of the Thursday games is simeply unfair. The league claims it is necessary to play a double-header for TV ratings in the East, then at least play the Eastern game at night. I simply believe that if you must play games at inconvenient times, at least move it around so that one team isn't saddled with the bulk of them.

As for the spelling NAZI's you know where you can stick your thesaurus.

Isn't the whole idea to get more people in the East interested and watching the league? I think it's what everyone wants.

Fine, then play the Edmonton-Calgary game in the afternoon and the Toronto-Hamilton game in the evening.
Games are at the same time but if your doing to benefit the East, then change the East Conference game, not the

I think they're maximizing their viewership. Perhaps they figure that more people will watch the East game in the early evening rather than the late. It is after all a school day tomorrow and what makes more sense? The east competing with the reality TV fluff (when the west game is more likely to be tuned out anyway) or the almighty west watching nothing but CFL no matter what time of day?

This is what people in the West tend to forget. The CFL needs the East to survive just as much as it needs the West. Right now, we have to do more to attract Eastern viewers because one franchise is struggling (Toronto), one has struggled for many years (Hamilton), and another remains on life support because of poor previous ownership (Ottawa).

I just don't get it. Last year people complained the game was too early and TSN was pandering to the East. This year it's too late and TSN somehow is still pandering to the East. :roll:

Oh boy, just go to the game or watch it at home and be happy with it. Geez....if they brought a team to London I would be happy with 8AM starts on a Tuesday. :roll:

Like it or not TSN and CBC do it to the west all the time . Just look at the Canucks vs Leafs game at the Garage . The game is on a Saturday the CBC had the NHL move the Game from a standard 7:30 start and moved the Time to a 4: 00 start, where is the Justice in that for the Local Fans . :x :x :x :x :x

Who complained about the game being too early, this game has always been played in the afternoon. It is only this season that the game has been changed. Don't try to come on here and invent something that isn't.