CFL and TRANSFORMERS made me think.

I went to see TRANSFORMERS last night, and they had so many bad commercials looping before they even start the other commercials which are then followed by the coming attractions.

Anyways, The CFL would look great being advertised on a giant screen. Especially if I have to sit through a casual loop of commercials for 20 mins. The CFL commercial would definately stand out from the rest of that boring stuff.

OR we can start scouting giant robots and if theyre built by canadians they can count against hte ratio might be a good way to see a canadian QB

...that's a pretty good idea Thrillman....

I had a similar idea a while back. It think its a good idea, except that movie goers aren’t necessarily sports fans. Notice how most of thos ads before the movies are for really general things…like Juice or Cars.

There are more efficient ways to advertise than the big screen.

Here's an idea.

Get the Japanese to make all the CFL commercials!

Imagine! A giant rubber Tom Canada monster beating on fire-breathing rubber suited Ricky Ray.
Get the Ultraman music going...
Ha ha! awesome!

"Today night! Winnipeg Brue Bomber kick Silly Edmonton Eskimo bottom!"
"Watch or Godzilla will smash you house!"