CFL and social media survey (still looking for feedback)

Hi everyone

This survey is part of my research project and is intended to show the benefits of social media to the CFL.

BTW: yes I am trying to work with the CFL on this, but this is not a CFL sanctioned survey

Hi there - I don’t want to interfere with your efforts but we generally discourage multi-posting across forums so I’ve cleaned those posts up; most people check this main forum anyways. :slight_smile:

• Some of us don’t have a favourite team, and instead we support the entire league.

• Some of us don’t live in Canada, which is why going to games is more difficult.

• Shipping costs often make shipping of merchandise ridiculously expensive (sometimes the shipping is more than the product). So, we have to shop around and try and find CFL stuff in our own country.

• Can’t complete the survey because it won’t accept a non-Canadian postal code.

Its a very verybasic survey.

I did it, but its obviously geared the millennial’s who live on the internet, not in real life.

Being an Argofan, who lives in Vancouver, i have no idea what result this fellow is looking for.

That said, anything that can help the CFL, or the Argo’s, i’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for this
I did not make the postal code a mandatory so it should work but I will double-check

thanks for the feedback
This survey is one part of the research and yes it is geared towards millennials

With the other research, I am hoping to show the economic benefits of social medua fan engagement

Thanks for this
I will contact you offline

Isn’t everything geared towards millennials nowadays ?

issue I have is, you are looking for a way to justify making “pay for content” available.

That may work in some of the big four leagues, albeit barely, but there isn’t a large enough fan base in the CFL to make pay for content successful. We need to be advertising the league to everyone.

Any content suggested (exclusive player interviews, game analysis, etc) should be made available to all, in effort to grow the league.

i hope the CFL grows to a point where a venture like this could be successful, but we need to strengthen the foundation first.

Thanks for the feedback HammerTown

Actually, I am really looking to show the CFL that they should engage fans (specifically on social media) as there is real economic potential. Paid content is just one of the potential items.

This. This was exactly my thought when taking the survey.

That and 'why when I already said I didn’t think there should be pay for content, am I asked what would be fair price. Obviously that was $0

Still need a bunch a responses from teams other than the Riders. Please help.

This survey is part of my research project and is intended to show the benefits of social media to the CFL.

I don’t think you need a survey to tell them that.

Thanks rshmglsky

The more knowledge that can be gathered that helps the league the better. At least that’s my hope

I think a better survey would be asking people why aren’t they going to games, when are they most likely to be in the mood to watch a CFL game, etc

Of course the league would have to do that, offer them a food discount or something in exchange for participating.