CFL and Social Media - survey (Come on fans let's hear from you) need East fans

This survey is part of my research project and is intended to show the benefits of social media to the CFL. It takes 2mins please fill-in and spread the word

BTW: yes I am trying to work with the CFL on this, but this is not a CFL sanctioned survey

So far only the Roughriders and Bluebombers fans have submitted more than 100 responses. Where are the rest of the fans?

BTW: overwhelmingly smartphone is the top device to access SM content, not a surprise really, its just trending at about 9-1.

Done. Thanks for fixing the postal code issue.

BTW, I use a smart phone a lot and for most things, but most of my CFL experience is via the desktop computer. I find it to be a more rewarding experience.

thanks for coming back!

I think we are part of the old school, still rely on my MacBook

Use smart phone while out and about but always double check on PC lol

thank you

I took your survey but to let you know, this is as close to any social media I get. I don’t even own a cell phone.

Nor do I! We’re among the few, the proud.

Well then, thanks for taking the time!!!

Peaceful when you are not connected