CFL And Religion

Im an Alouette snob and dont post in any of the other forums, so hope it`s O.K. to put this out here.

Weve discussed this in the past with Trestmans "lets take a knee" - I think the Als still do this with Popp - but I was taken aback this morning reading Mike Beamish in the Vancouver Suns comment on the firing of Rich Stubler and the hiring of Mark Washington as the Lions defensive co-ordinator:

"Less of a stated reason, and more of an observation, is that Stubler was something of an outsider in the intersection between coaching and Christianity on the Lions’ staff. Washington is a former co-host of The Daily, an evangelical talk show broadcast nationally on VisionTV."

Sad, but not surprising. Football is a cult in many ways, with any kind of personal difference getting squashed in the (mistaken) name of team unity. I love the sport of football, but what it gets associated with -- religious fundamentalism and worship of the military -- is repellent to me.

Wally is a "churcher" as well. So there is meat behind this story...

What story HfTC?? There is no story. If there is any "story" or "observation to be made it is the opinion of many that one of the reasons Washington was hired as DC was because there is a growing trend towards youth in the coaching department across the CFL Now THAT is a story that has some meat in it. :wink: I read the article and much of it stresses this fact.

As far as Beamish's observation that Stubler "was something of an outsider in the intersection between coaching and Christianity on the Lions’ staff, that is his observation and one can make that "observation" about many players and personnel in the Lions Club and other clubs across the CFL. I don't see that observation any more significant than if one were to observe that Buono attends church. I've no idea if Stubler has a spiritual side or not. I've not heard or read anything to suggest his spiritual interests or lack of had any bearing on Stubler being hired as DC for the Lions a couple of years ago. I would say the same about Washington.

Here is the entire article:

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Here is another interesting article:

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Well to me it is a story.

While religion might exist in all CFL dressing rooms, nothing wrong with that, this is the first time a CFL beat writer who follows a team on a daily basis, hints that it might have influenced a football decision.

Purely speculation idealsheldon and nothing more. And like I said Beamish qualified his remark by saying it was nothing more than an observation. I guess he is free to speculate and believe what he wants. Anyone of us can write a "story" like that. I certainly hope Beamish wasn't "hinting" that there could be a connection because given all of the reasons stated by both Beamish and others saying why Stubler was hired a couple of years ago and why Washington was hired for next season such a remark hardly seems worthy of much attention. At least not to me. And I haven't even touched on discrimination in the work place. Maybe Beamish needs to think through a little more carefully before putting pen to paper.

Thanks. I must admit I haven't read the articles but It is not surprising that people with common beliefs will gravitate to each other it is normal. I don't like to get into Secular and religion topics on here but this is my take. While I understand the idea of removing it from society to create a "fair uniform" environment, the vaccum is always replaced by the state. Which is much more damaging to us as individuals and as nations.

That is quite true HfxTC that those who share common beliefs will often gravitate towards each other but it is a big stretch for anyone [eg: a sports writer] to hint, suggest, imply or speculate that a player or coach may have been let go because of religious beliefs or lack of. That sort of thing can lead to further speculation and very unfair assumptions. Before one knows it the rumour mill is buzzing.

I think they cut him loose because Washington is one of the most sought after young coach and they had to make room for him or lose him.

I think you nailed it! :thup:

Je ne veux pas partir une polémique, mais l'Histoire prouve que lorsque la religion s'empare de l'État, elle fait encore plus de dommages que l'État seul. Et lorsque les extrémistes s'emparent du religieux, ça fait à la fois beaucoup de tort aux individus et aux États.

Je n'ai rien contre la religion. Mais lorsqu'elle suppose un abandon du libre-arbitre, elle perd sa raison d'être.

Pour revenir au congédiement de Stubler, il me semblerait plutôt absurde qu'il soit lié à une quelconque considération religieuse. Cet état des choses existait lorsque Stubler avait été engagé, pourquoi cela aurait-il dérangé subitement à la fin de la saison. Pour ma part, je crois que ça tient au travail de Stubler avec cette défensive. Il avait sous la main la meilleure unité défensive du circuit et on ne peut pas dire que les Lions se soient tant illustrés en défensive. Ils avaient une bonne défensive, sans plus, et à mon sens, bien en-deçà de son potentiel.

Je pense que Wally a réalisé que Stubler ne ferait pas mieux que ce qu'il a fait cette saison et que c'est pour ça qu'il a décidé de prendre une autre direction. Il ne faut pas perdre de vue que Benevides a travaillé avec Washington de façon continue depuis son arrivée avec les Lions en 2008. Probablement que cette longue collaboration a pesé plus lourd dans la balance.

I think some reporter is trying to inject religious controversy into a situation where it simply had no significant bearing.

There is no evidence from the past that Wally recruits players or coaches based upon their faith or lack thereof. I would suggest that on the other-hand, his faith perspective may have influenced him to recruit people that have had personal issues (give 2nd chances) and that don't share his faith at all. Again, that is my personal and speculative opinion based solely on my limited personal exposure to him. All in all, Wally operates and has operated in the GM and coach role from a straight-up and honest business perspective whether that was influenced by his religious beliefs or not.

I think it would be reasonable to say that we are all influenced to varying degrees by our own personal set of values regardless of their source.

" All in all, Wally operates and has operated in the GM and coach role from a straight-up and honest business perspective whether that was influenced by his religious beliefs or not."