CFL and players approve new CBA

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The Canadian Football League and the Players Association will announce a new collective bargaining agreement today, The Toronto Sun has learned.

The new four-year pact that will have some similarities to the National Hockey League's system. The so-called ceiling will be $3.8 million, an increase of $1.2 million from last year, but there will be a minimum level for teams based on a percentage of individual club's revenues.

Similar to the NHL, the new CBA will allow for increases in the cap each year based on a percentage of total revenues.

The new CBA will increase roster sizes to 42 from 40 and expand the practice roster to seven from six.

The minimum entry-level salary is expected to be slightly under $40,000 from the previous figure of $38,000.


The CBA is intertwined to the proposed salary management system, which still requires full approval from the board of directors.

The 14-point system has some contentious points that need to be resolved pertaining to monitoring each team's annual spending with so-called paid enforcement officials and penalties based on exceeding the ceiling.

In addition to the new agreement, the CFL will begin testing its instant replay system on an experimental basis tonight using the video replay scoreboards. TV replays will be used once the games are broadcast for the start of the season, pending full approval of the competition committee.

Each team has two challenges per game. If a team is unsuccessful with its second challenge, it will lose a timeout.

Inside the final three minutes of the game, any contentious plays will be viewed by a video replay official and video replay technician and then sent down to the on-field official, who will render a decision.

Still no disclosure of player's salaries? Every other pro league does that except the CFL.

Pls provide a valid reason as to why CFL player salaries s/b public?

I don’t consider it anyu of my business, why should anyone else?

I don't care if salaries are public or not, just like I don't care who in the public service makes over $100,000 which is big news every year in the papers here in Ontario.
Just because every other pro league does something doesn't mean the CFL or any other pro league should follow suit necessarily.

i dont care whos making what amount of $$$. but once the cap is approved, all i care about is that every team is under or at cap. not over..but i dont care which player is making the most money.

YEAH, now the Cap will be approved and their will be NO Labor stoppages!!!


I don't understand how the CFL could have put in a salary cap without a CBA with the CFLPA in the first place. Although it was a very generous offer and I doubt that any players would have complained.

…putting a public ban on disclosing player salaries is IMO an important aspect of controlling salaries…take for instance the recent (ridiculous) re-signing of Brian McCabe for the Leafs…too much money in my opinion…this will allow better Dmen with option years coming up in July, Redden & Chara as examples, to command higher salaries not necessarily because of what they actually did this last year, but because their agents can point to McCabe’s deal and say 'hey, if he’s getting THAT my guy should be getting more than that"…

…salaries will need to be diclosed to the league office in secrecy to allow for confirmation that a team is below (or above) the cap but it is priviledged infomration beyond that…and rightfully so…

God, I hope the Cap gets approved.