CFL and our American audience

Took my friend from Maryland to the Argos last year. He was a big stallions fan and is a big fan of the CFL as well as the NFL
In his opinion the CFL is every bit if not more exciting then the NFL, but as he says its football and football is football.
Does not understand some Canadians (NFL only fans)objections to the CFL.

Well, your friend is obviously very enlightened.

Funny how some Canadians (cough*** Torontonians/Southern ontario *** cough) seem to really care about what Americans think and how when they grow up, they want to be just like them. But when Americans tell they have a great football game and League in their own country, it's like, "Huh, what, duh ... there's no NFL here."

That is true but changing slowly. I guess that you have never been to MONTREAL and VANCOUVER. :wink:

Montreal is more international and cosmopolitan than a pretend-US city.

Yes, I've been to Vancouver twice but not since 94. They're a bit of different breed in that it's such an outdoors city.

Certainly, even then, their real estate prices prob made them feel world class. :lol:

I must admit there are plenty of people here who wont have anything to do with the CFL

Why am I guessing those are the ones at the bottom of the waiting list for season tix to the Als?

Geargo you and your friend are very smart and welcome to the best sport and most entertainment package around.
RO as for your comments, yes I agree. Having said that, I am also comfortable in stating how there may be, as I am one, an equal amount on the other side.
I love the CFL but could care less and have nothing to do with the No Fun League.

i live in brantford...which doesnt have a CFL team...yet, today at canadian tire, 2 guys in line behind me were talkin about the argos, and at the mall yesterday, i saw a guy wearing an argos hat...this is unheard of in brantford....just a small sign of the growth the league has made.

Good stuff DG, progress is being made here in the self proclaimed Center of the Universe.

For some reason, I always pictured "Gretzkyville" as more of a Ti-Cat town than an Argo one. Maybe its because a couple years back, I was at a Tabbies game and they were giving away a prize pack to the Brantford Charity Casino (which is a nice facility, and I'm not just saying that cuz I won $500 there last February :lol: )

Well, we are spoiled! For the most part we have the best leagues in terms of team sports. Our sports landscape has changed from the 1960s you know. Just because your town MAYBE has just a hockey team and a CFL team doesn't mean you have to trash anything you don't have.

Haha, well they aren't missing much. The NBA (well any basketball) is booring. The MLB is the biggest joke, it barely makes any sense... and MLS? please.

Say what you want, but your words wont change the fact that the CFL isn't even on the map in terms of sports leagues recognized in the world. All those teams are far more popular in toronto then the Argos ever will be. The fact that all you guys on this message board are always hoping for the CFL to one up anything in Toronto proves my point. I bet the argos don't get anywhere near the crowd in their home opener that the blue jays got.

the bluejays gave away tickets to thier opener to anyone who bought a flex-pack.

you coulda bought a flex-pac of tickets for games in august, and you recieved free tickets to the opener....look at thier attendance for every game since...dismal.

Exactly, creative giveaways by Godfrey and the gang. So many free tickets have been given away over the years and to include bogus attendance numbers.
That organization and the Craptors give the city a bad name.
Plus and on this board, Argos Bills is just as much of a dinosaur. Why even bother to continue with the scham on our board, go and move over to the dark side, MLB/NBA where the criminals troll.

Dismal? They are averaging 28,000 people this year. How is that dismal, if they go on a streak more people will come out especially when schools done for kids. Have you seen their TV ratings? They have been great.


Look how many grey cups the Argos have won and still you have people on the radio like gord stellick saying people in Toronto are thirsty for a pro sports Championship (he said that last week) talking about the 92/93 World Series. Didn’t the Argos win the grey cup in 04?

Have you seen the prices for Argos games? Dirt cheap… if they don’t sell out the dome then I’ll be laughing. Ricky williams and all too.

By the way, the Argos were giving away tickets in 03/04 as I recall to people in my college… so yeah… any thoughts on that?

Any other excuses/conspiracy theories?

28 000 is dismal considering the Jays used to get 50 000 + at their games before the strike and the WS Championships. Its a fickle market, and losing half your fan base is very dismal indeed. If the Argos manage 30 000 + it will be a good sign for the CFL in Toronto. It seems very few people in T.O. are excited about the Jays or the Raptors. The Leafs will always be #1, but the Argos could come in second if they market themselves right.

Well I bet when both the CFL and MLB seasons end, the blue jays average attendance won't be anywhere near the Argos. :wink:

And if anyone asks, I'm not defending the Argos I'm defending the CFL. :smiley:

ROFL! Tell me, how much were the Argos drawing when they weren't good? The Jays do not have dismal attendance considering they are 16th in the MLB attendance wise. Only the Yankees draw 50,000+ a season... Go ahead, ask general sports fans in toronto which championship they would rather see in Toronto, the World Series or the grey cup. How much would the argos draw if they played around 90 home games in a season? I doubt it would even be 20,000 a night. The fact that football is played roughly once a week, and fans should come out in full force for ONE game a week, but they don't tells you a lot about the Argos position in Toronto.


Is there some reason why we CFL fans can't have a forum where we are very enthusiastic and supportive of the league and our teams? Is there something wrong with shooting for the stars? Why does it bother you so much when people talk optimistically?

Let us enjoy the sport. Come and join us, its fun! Honestly!