CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

P2 means people 2 years or older. Once someone cracks the under 24 month market, big $$ for them :rofl:

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How strange! Shoot at up to about age three, I think they will get far more full pant loads than ratings from those kids watching and really, how creepy is measuring what toddlers watch anyway?

Do we really need ratings for the likes of Baby Shark and so forth? One could simply just check the views on YouTube et cetera.

These are some strange folks at Nielsen no doubt.

MLS opening weekend numbers. Lower than usual but in line with recent season averages. Going against HNIC, Montreal viewers are on RDS and all matches free on Apple tv dampened numbers a bit.


I don't know who might have the figures in a few days, but I figure the sports ratings over this weekend with any of the conference tournament NCAA games versus the XFL games, amongst other sports on TV including the Premier League and the NHL in the US, should be interesting.

Rinse and repeat next weekend too for March Madness, which is often the biggest basketball weekend of the year in the US given all the casual fans who will watch as well.


Interesting Ratings Tally USA:
Percentage of TV Viewing and Percentage of Streaming By Service February 2023

Note that this list is not to be confused or conflated with total subscribers or market share for streaming or with other measures of business performance.


Streaming: 34.3 percent of TV use
Cable: 30.2 percent
Broadcast: 23.8 percent
Other: 11.7 percent

Streaming Services

YouTube: 7.9 percent
Netflix: 7.3 percent
Hulu: 3.3 percent
Prime Video: 3 percent
Disney+: 1.8 percent
HBO Max: 1.3 percent
Peacock: 1 percent
Tubi: 1 percent
Pluto TV: 0.7 percent
Others: 6.8 percent