CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

Problem was more on the Disney side than on the ESPN side. Bob Iger is a sports guy, so him being there is actually better for ESPN. With the CFL being so insignificant to ESPN in the grand scheme of things, I doubt it matters who is in charge.


Iger was CEO of Disney from 2005 to 2020. He accomplished much for the company.

Iger was there in 2012 as ESPN took another turn for the worse in reaction to the cable-cutting of 2010, which like most cable executives was blamed on merely the Great Recession when in reality the reasons were that the industry did not innovate and the product and service SUCKED.

Instead of proper business and sports focus, ESPN turned more and more political for starters.

Your view here that Iger will somehow be good for ESPN does not wash with recent history at all.

Iger is not going to improve the situation at ESPN. He's already screwed up via that loser they kept around for years as they ignored all the evidence of failure in their characteristic New England / Manhattan arrogance of the period 2007 to 2020, John Skipper, before.

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Fox Sports drew 42 million (!!) viewers for the NFC East matchup, which is the most viewers for any regular-season NFL game in history. Previously, 32 years ago, 41.47 million viewers watched the Giants lose to the 49ers during Week 13 of the 1990 season— when out-of-home viewing was not measured and streaming didn’t exist.

My brother-in-law is a fan of the New York Giants, and so I was over at his house watching with him as an Eagles fan as we were both cheering against the Cowboys to no avail.

I had no clue this many would have watched!


It was expected because the US ratings were home bound holiday viewers. There was no serious competition from other networks.

It's another Thursday in Canada when it comes to US Thanksgiving Day

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