CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

Perhaps somebody in Quebec or in Ottawa can comment, but I do believe the RDS numbers are not included it's difficult to obtain them assuming they are even released.

It seems like this question arises almost every year we post in this ratings thread.

Does anybody have feedback on this matter of RDS numbers?

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The Al's typically draw 150-200k for the RDS games, the rest are in the 20-30k, hardly a blip.

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Dunk should include those RDS numbers anyway

Bezos isn't going to mess with the CFL - Bezos has more $30 billion less than all the NFL Owners combined. Take out the Walmart guy who just bought the Broncos and Bezos wins by $20 billion - If Bezos was going to get into the CFL it would make much sense to just buy the whole thing like Vince McMahon tried to do in 1999 time frame.

Bezos has enough money to go to war with the NFL and fight them to a standstill -


Between last weeks games and this FNF game, I can see fans tuning out and sending the numbers down a bit more.

Product on field is not looking good for this point in the season.


Maybe Bezos never heard of the CFL.

Anyway with his Amazon purchasing NFL streaming rights for 11 years, Look for Bezos to buy the Seahawks for a new record price of 6 Billion dollars as his new shiny toy and status symbol as "one of the boys"

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BILL - C 11

Now there are things I don't like about it when it comes to censorship but thats a different story not for here


The CFL should be ready and be heard clearly ... Bell should be on board with it but MLSE ..... not so sure . MLSE wants it's cake and eat it too .

From their own words speaking to the senate .

Troy Reeb, of Corus Entertainment, and Pierre Karl Peladeau, of Quebecor, both appeared before the Senate Transportation and Communications committee. Their message was simple, if we have to be regulated then foreign-based competition should face the same regulations.

“The biggest TV networks in Canada day after day are no longer Canadian. At all. They are unregulated foreign streamers,” Reeb told the committee.

It’s a compelling argument from the broadcasters, they simply want a level playing field.

The CFL would like the same level playing field with the NBA and MLB when it comes to can /con .

This should be an opportunity for the CFL /CPL to make sure it can punch above it's weight and make sure the words of domestic platforms adhere to the principle that they need to produce domestic content with substantive number of entertainers of that content not just the location of the broadcast host .

This bill is an opportunity in two ways .

One the media here fear foreign streaming platforms that don't have to adhere to the same rules .

That would be great if the CFL gained bidders for it's content for being actual can /con .

Two use those same words they use to protect their industry they need to level the playing field for the CFL to compete and any other domestic sports leagues amateur or professional .

The NBA , MLB for Toronto and MLS for the three teams in Canada our media and foreign media streamers need to either adjust their rosters to reflect that for the domestic teams or place those foreign teams as non can /con . I am not saying 50 percent either at all but there should be a number for Can /con that levels the playing field .

The NHL as well some day if there is drastically reduced Canadian player content someday but I don't anticipate Canada will not have enough player content any day soon on domestic teams .


Sad state of affairs. I remember not too long ago when the CFL would outdraw the NFL in Canada. But hey, our audience in Denmark :denmark: has quadrupled in the last few years so I guess it all evens out :roll_eyes:


Be nice . . . Magnus hasn't put on that much weight.

The CFL itself is to blame for this. NFL has adjusted with the changing times and tastes of a new generation, whereas the CFL has not.

The CFL is kind of like Campbells Soup... once a juggernaut business but far fewer young people are buying what they sell.

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Who knows on this one, for I feel it's a matter more of politics with the other owners than even wealth in that big rocket small :shushing_face: club of theirs so to speak.

Perhaps a showdown is looming akin to ol' Moe Greene of Las Vegas lore (a character based on the real-life Bugsy Siegel, an associate of the legendary and notorious Meyer Lansky).

With all those stratospheric and galactic NFL egos in that room, perhaps we'll all be treated yet another classic argument about who is buying who out and then later a shot right through the eye of the losing party and all that type of thing for drama points.

There was an interesting case in point on this matter of soccer this weekend in the US, for the slate of games before the break was also short in the UK due to police otherwise needed for the proceedings of the mourning and the funeral today for the Queen.

NBC elected to put 6 of 7 games on either cable or regular TV between USA, NBC, Universo, and Telemundo.

One of the games was also simulcast on Peacock, which is a first for NBC who has tried and FAILED to get folks to make the leap over there because the platform has a ways to go and because many people are already still paying for a cable package be it with the set-top box of yore or the new streaming offerings that include ALSO live TV.

NBC is even having to offer a promotion of $1.99 per month for a year, as noted above, to boost subscribers to Peacock likely so as to position Comcast for its interests in Hulu as noted above.

The point is in the end, I do not see that we will have "streaming only" for most top content, including many live sports, unless the streaming option includes other live TV or is a simulcast with live TV otherwise.

If the entertainment industry had all its way including with various government subsides, they'd have us all pay-per-view for every live event but no, that mission of sheer greed is not happening.

Amazon The Gamechanger Again

Here is the streaming video subscription growth in the US, so as @Jasmine cited above with looming changes to the regulatory framework in Canada, we go from here.

Dumping traditional cable or telco internet is a matter beyond merely the youth now who have been going in this direction for years now.

Try perhaps now under 50 or under 55 with that number rising with every quarter or so and with great regional variations.

I am perhaps in the minority of NFL fans who do not care about Thursday night games any more, including for example match-ups like this Thursday night's game in Cleveland.

Even so this is another example of any given company that offers a streaming video service, with also an association and promotion not core to their business, so as to boost its core business.

Via the other streaming services we are seeing associations with services such as free or promotionally free emergency road service, Netflix, Paramount+, Apple TV+, MLB TV, restaurant promotions, travel promotions, and so forth.

In the end the pressure is higher than ever on cable firms to offer more for less and abandon their antiquated business model that in some respects still date to the last millennium.

The subscriber drift away from cable is showing more than ever now, and as we have commented to great degree, this expanded streaming direction that goes beyond or altogether away from cable is the direction the CFL should focus for future growth in media rights in Canada, the US, the UK, and around the world.

Subscriber growth has surged accordingly. T-Mobile now has more than one million home internet subscribers, and added 560,000 in the last quarter alone. Verizon has 384,000 wireless home internet subscribers, two thirds of which came in the last quarter.


I find it rather funny that TSN is stating that their CFL ratings are down when they are only showing half the games in BC on TSN1 (so I guess others are suffering the same in their region), the version we get with the mandatory sports package. Up until this year all games were shown, now half are on other TSN numbers and I know why, they are trying to get people to subscribe for the other stations to watch the games. For me, sorry, but the CFL is the only time I ever watch TSN and when it was optional in my package I would cancel once the season was done, so expecting people to pay an extra $10/mth for the privilege of watching our game is a nonsense.

And on top of that they preempt some games for stuff like Bali Soccer...really? Proud Canadian station there. I will guarantee you they will not preempt an NFL game.


Totally agree .

The NFL is Canadian viewer friendly who can watch a game on multiple channels on multiple platforms in Canada at a much lower cost to the consumer .

The CFL even on TSN is regulated to another offering worthy not even of regional attention to the home team . There are many games of that teams region that you can't get on the region that serves that area .

This is true for Ottawa .