CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

As the momentum grows for football fans in America anticipating the upcoming NCAA and NFL seasons, ESPN2 is likely trying to (sort of) fill that need by broadcasting their only CFL doubleheader for 2022 tonight.

Will be interesting to see if the numbers in America are higher than usual or not.


What the young people are doing


What I am doing:

5% Talk on the phone
2% video call
10% live tv
83% PVR


What no time for a person to person conversation :slightly_smiling_face::rofl::joy:

What is happening to today's society

I’m on the phone at work much of the day so it has become my enemy in private time.


I use this forum to communicate with dedicated fans like yourself on my breaks even though I am working nights.

Keep it up with good discussions which I enjoy :beer:


2022 Week 9 TV ratings:

Winnipeg at Montreal — 475,600

Calgary at Ottawa — 337,300

Hamilton at Toronto — 378,800
Edmonton at B.C. — 499,000

Total Week 9 average: 422,675

(These numbers do not include viewership from RDS, TSN’s French-language affiliate, which has averaged approximately 200,000 viewers for Alouettes games in 2022.)


Not that it would be significant, but does RDS show Ottawa games? Or is it only Montreal.

Thursday night games not going away any time soon I don't think.

We pretty much need Saskatchewan couples to have 9 children per family. Then have the parents make sure that each of their children cheers for a different CFL team. None of this all cheer for the riders nonsense. Basically the Riders fans are killing the league :wink:

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RDS also show most of the Ottawa games and some from other teams.

Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to see the 200K RDS number! :+1:

So if I understand what you guys are saying correctly, the Als/Bomber game had approximately 675,000 viewers?


Saturday doubleheader on ESPN2 drew:

HAM at TOR - 176,000
EDM at BCL - 163,000

As I stated before, CFL games on ESPN2 typically draw somewhere around 120,000 to 180,000. So to me, the numbers mean that not a big number of non-regular CFL viewers tuned in to see the game.



"The undisputed CFL ratings champions, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, had a bye week and viewership dropped accordingly."

So, In theory this proves,
Most fans in the League tune in to watch the Riders lose,
If they aren't playing they don't watch! :crazy_face:

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So there might be a slight bump in ratings for other games if RDS numbers are included.

I just checked the RDS callender and there are only MTL games this season

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That is a mistake from RDS. They are diffusing some other games, altough they don't use their own crew but the TSN flow. They will air the Toronto/Hamilton game Friday.

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Thanks Lucas, :+1:
When I found that, I was hoping to see lots of games on it

I did find this

RDS, which is the exclusive broadcaster of the CFL and the Alouettes, will broadcast roughly 50 games in 2022 including the 18 regular-season matchups involving the Alouettes, each playoff game and the 109th Grey Cup.

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All the more change are coming in all generations.

All signs point to live sports and entertainment, interaction with live content (social media interactivity, gambling, fantasy sports, role play, video games), and social media video (i.e. all the major social media have been trying to copy TikTok since at least 2019 with the short clips) for the most viewed and valuable in media.

For me it's as follows in this order here in 2022 and already different than as late as November 2021 when I cut the cord:

Text / Text Chat
Streaming TV Live Sports and News
Streaming TV Recorded, Usually Documentaries, Presentations, and Shows not movies
Social Media Posts and Chat
Articles Online
Video Calls

Things I hate for personal use and do as little as possible any more if very much ever:

Talk on the phone
E-mail videos or watch them
Personal E-mail
Social Media Video Clips
Zoom / Duo / Facebook Video Chat
Any over-the-air TV that is not pro sports