CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

The USFL will be a cost casualty because it the easiest to cut

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Not sure I totally agree but sure it could happen. I'm still thinking Fox cuts their ties with MLS as they're looking for a ludicrous $300 million in rights fees. The NWSL is drawing similar, if not better ratings than them, with 1/3 the amount of teams and only receives $1 million a year in rights fees. Fox should make a play for women's soccer instead.

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FOX is betting on the World Cup to jump start the MLS. The US Women's Soccer team is a veteran team and needs a rebuild, new blood and new stars to get back on track. The Canadian's Women Soccer team is making that transition already from Christine Sinclair


But in Canada, the three MLS teams get to share the $105 MILLION from TSN/CTV/TVA
The Ottawa Senators get close to $40 MILLION from TSN/RDS for just that one eastern Ontario market, same for the Jets and Canadiens.
Yet the CFL shares the $50 MILLION ten ways.

Makes you wonder if the TV contracts are not based upon the TV ratings, maybe more on demographics. The MLS has a very young audience, the NHL too but the CFL has the older demo


That's absolutely correct. Sometimes it's more about who's watching than how many are watching. Hence why WWE is still making record profits even though their overall viewership is about 1/3 what it was 20 years ago. The 55+ crowd is only coveted if it's primarily upper class, like the PGA demographic.


Fox is doing the Godfather a favor - The USFL is all about providing the NFL with players - 30% of all NFL players are undrafted - The CFL is too different than the NFL to be an effective pipeline for some positions - Fox and the NFL owned the WLAF/NFLE back in the day - this is Fox doing the Godfather a favor - Fox is not cutting this league over a rounding error amount of cash like 38 million -


I am with you - $300 million gets you a lot of USFL TV hours - I can't see MLS getting anything close to that kind of money - LIga Mx gets way better ratings for their games in the USA than the MLS does -

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Look, obviously we disagree on limited fronts, but this tired argument that you repeat that just because they have a business plan makes it more viable in the event of failure is beyond tired.

Either it succeeds or not whatever they "baked into" too spreadsheet MBA types with often revisionist history and excuses when things fail.

They can be out of work at Fox too for all I care for "business plans" that bake in failure.

They don't call their shots in that event either - those who employ them do and they like it that way.

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Then that NFL godfather better pony up far more to cover the losses "baked into" that business plan of which you are so fond over and over. Or not.

I know what happens all through history whatever the logic of plans whenever a business is losing money. It's called insolvency or bankruptcy if the plug is not pulled first whatever the public relations spin after the fact of abject failure.

Nobody likes having to feed an alligator endlessly and those who think they do end up being eaten by it.

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Yes I know we disagree but I really don't think that the USFL is going to be the money loser that many think it is - They are not paying crazy money for players not even as much as the CFL - the CFL has been kept alive for decades on a $50 million dollar Canadian TV deal, ($37 million usd) cross country travel and mostly empty stadiums in the three biggest markets - I don't see that the USFL probably has a budget any different than the CFL probably in the same ball park for number - and this year the USFL has no travel or Stadium leases - I don't think that it goes broke this year - also the USFL is operating in a country with 11x the population so the opportunity to get TV ratings is not out of the question - The ratings haven't cratered catastrophically yet -

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A whole lot of people with a whole lot of analysis and reports just do not understand, and some won't accept, that often this is how easily the Board of Directors will make a financial decision.

It's not always fair in ignoring whatever else is in the analysis, but 9 times out of 10 as the saying goes and still well at work be it economic boom or recession, a fast nickel is better than a very slow or risky dime.

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So, uh, whilst there is a strike we can also discuss and complain about ratings again right? I can't wait until we hear some news this week.

2022 NBA Playoff Ratings Up

I found these stats from the first two rounds of this year's NBA Playoffs, and I have not hardly bothered with the NBA since 2010 as a fan, most telling.

  • 4 of the 10 highest-rated first or second round games were in 2019, the last season before the pandemic.

  • 2 of the 10 were in 2015

  • 2 of the 10 were in 2022

These stats are also for each of these crowds making statements such as these:

  1. "Fans in the stands don't matter (or hardly matter) for TV ratings."
  2. "It's a TV league - they'll make it that way not at the gate."

Only one game, a Game 7 in 2021 that would have been only partly affected by pandemic restrictions, made the list and the fact that it was in Brooklyn is probably most of the reasons given Giannis was in town for that ultra-hot ticket in New York City.

You bet there was plenty of fan noise for that game all the same.

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I also think that the fact that there is no predetermined winner in the playoffs might be helping. There is no one like Lebron in his prime or Golden State where it was pretty much predetermined that they were going to win the title. The NFL has parity and that really helps them.