CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

In media and entertainment circles, there was the vicious and greedy strain of thought that was more popular, and with remnants still at hand now and the dominant thinking at NBC's Peaock until late autumn 2020 as one egregious example, that "if we constrain and restrict niche content, we can charge each viewer something and ultimately MORE you know!" And then they would take a swig of strong coffee and go back and admire a spreadsheet after uttering such pablum and babble after nodding with wide toothy smiles.

If they knew anything about even recent history, this is the same strategy that was attempted by AOL in the late 1990s so as to create a "walled garden" for a "better internet experience."

Such a strategy of constraint and restriction worked for awhile but then with high-speed easier access starting more en masse in 2000 (I was an earlier adopter of a residential cable modem faster than DSL at the time), but then it failed and failed miserably.

When you constrain, restrain, and restrict en masse, you will ultimately enrage and alienate the audience. When you share and spread out and court, well look at the NFL's strategy and how that has worked despite all their questionable antics.

Put the greed gland first, and your ploy can't last unlike via the bigger picture.

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