CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

Don't know

Maybe because it's a country station?
If you want CFL news you can go on to TSN, 3D nation or this website, or just google the CFL.
I would never listen to a radio station to get any CFL news, even newspapers are a thing of the past.
The closest for me is sirius satellite when they broadcast CFL games on CanadaTalks


They do a great job too.

Radio stations with their commercials and newspapers were overstayed for years and good riddance. I ditched the latter about 20 years ago and by 2004 or so, radio commercials had become beyond annoying and in some market occupied over half the air time per hour.

Now though on satellite radio the commercials are on their way to the same folly about 15 years after being sold on the premise that it would be commercial-free or commercial-lite. The content during the pandemic was seriously lacking. At least I get the cheapest deal they offer in exchange.

I have a feeling that this week will not be good for the CFL TV ratings.
I don't get why they schedule a Wednesday night game, two games on Friday night with one starting at 10:30 PM EST and NO games on Saturday.

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Here are the final Numeris top 30 ratings for the week from Labour Day Monday through the following Sunday which includes the NFL first week of action no sign of it you see about just the Jays NFL and US open tennis.

I am flat-out amazed that the Blue Jays and US Open Tennis do better in Canada than the NFL. Even this Fantasy Island reboot on top of what was generally a crap show in the 70s?

And wow do Canadians love Masterchef and Big Brother, it seems to me, far more than my fellow Americans.

And otherwise for the CFL games on Labour Day, this is a gut punch though I still give some pass due to the nature of this season after a season lost.

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Not surprising that the worst CFL TV ratings are for a mid-week game and the best TV ratings as usual for a Riders game

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Final Numeris numbers for the week of September13 - 19. The NFL 4PM slot in the 7th spot with 937,000 with their earlier games in 20th at 707,000. The seven Jays games of the week just shy of 800,000 in13th place.

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Check out how well the NHL debut on ESPN did in the US so as to set some records and very high historic marks as well.

I applaud ESPN for getting it right here and hope they continue or even move some games off streaming, for I am wary about how that part of the deal will go but for the lower profile games.

How did the ratings go in Canada?


Sportsnet must be ticked the Blue Jays did not make it to the postseason. Their final game at 3:00 p.m. last Sunday drew an average of 1.64 million viewers. Highest rating for a Jays game since 2016. Not bad considering it was up against NFL.


Picked this info up from CFL reddit - one of the posters found the info. Nothing official yet. No streaming, no RDS included

Edmonton vs Winnipeg - 581,000

Calgary vs Saskatchewan - 674,000

Toronto vs Hamilton - 597,000

Ottawa vs Montreal - 323,000

*These numbers do not include RDS or streaming on TSN Direct.

*It’s interesting to note the Thanksgiving Day game between Toronto and Hamilton outdrew NFL Monday Night Football.


Numeris Top 30 for the week ending October 3. The only 2 sports that made the list were the Jays with a six game average of f,378,000 and the early NFL slot at 908,000. ⅘

And yet some fans want to have the Grey Cup around Thanksgiving Day.

A lowly Argos game beats an NFL.

Whoa that's crazy

How you figure on that? 908K NFL Early beat all CFL action. But there is another side to this on which I will comment below.

There's a discussion of sorts in the Rod Black Let Go By TSN thread along some of these lines as well.

I'll be interested in how this list stacks up in the coming weeks as the days are darker and cooler or colder when naturally more people are spending time watching broadcasts wherever on screen these days.

From what I have noticed here in the US, people are generally less into live sports not more and though the pandemic and its effects have lingered, there is more to it. This was already a trend before the pandemic though high-profile games bucked it.

Sure NFL and other sports ratings are up quite a bit from the low baseline during the pandemic, for having fans at the games makes a tremendous difference in the product for even viewers at home or not there, but ...

But the NFL's ratings have ebbed and flowed over the past few years, with last year's ratings down about 10% from 2019, so it is notable that viewership has bounced back so considerably.

Now with mass legalized gambling as we go into especially the NFL playoffs when more money is wagered, we shall see how that newer reality affects actual ratings.

The NFL product as offered is harder to watch continuously given what feel like even more commercial breaks.

What are the youth doing and going to do as more of the older audiences have tapped out? That's my open question.

Watching scores on your phone because you have some action as you do something else does not count as viewership, for example.

I was referring to the Thanksgiving Day Game. Could be a on off.

Argo comparison was a thanksgiving Monday against NFL monday night football.

CFL always gets its ratings compared to NFL. CFL plays on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday, Sat where some of the country must watch at 11am maybe 1 am on a Sat. My problem is no one from TSN/Bell or whoever stands up for us saying you can't compare NFL Sunday prime time in colder weather to the CFL time slots. TSN/Bell wanted it that way. We can't compare the 2 unless it was apples and apples comparison but it is done all the time. Same for attendance

Who is comparing? and don't understand "whoever stands up for us"?
The TV ratings are released every week on the Numeris site.
The Thanksgiving week was the first week so far that no sports made the top 30

I am out of step with a portion of the population who is still enamoured with tons of ads on TV surrounded by some sort of Political Correct sitcom preaching to me about something like a child .

Another numeris top 30 and most are unwatchable for me .

Top 30 programs I have zero interests in .

Cop shows that are cartoonish . Reality shows that lost my interest a decade ago . Main stream News that lacks journalistic integrity on too many occasions .

Comedies that are not funny because comedy now is political correct crap .