CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

From what I recall, most AL's games would draw between 300-350k on TSN with 100-150k on RDS. That makes me think that 495k is collective between both networks. Non Al's games seem to draw in the 20-30k range on RDS.

I would think if anyone would know if RDS #'s would be separate from TSN #'s
it would be

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TSN wouldn't report RDS numbers.

Also Numeris reports English National and French National numbers separately, they don't combine them.

Bell may announce numbers but they will tell us when they are combining the ratings .

Those numbers above do not include RDS.

About 200K above the TSN numbers. Solid start TV wise to this season.


The official top 30 from week one Numeris ratings in English ended up with the 4 CFL games finishing in 23rd. 5 Olympic programs cracked the top 12 and the 8 blue jay games in 13th.

Week 3 CFL 2021 from 3down nation

Edmonton at B.C.: 499,900
10 pm Eastern Start

Montreal at Calgary: 544,000
RDS reports separately

Winnipeg at Toronto: 429,000
4 pm Eastern start - up against the Jays at the same time at the Dome

Ottawa at Saskatchewan: 628,700


Not bad average. About par for the course over the past few seasons.

That will likely be Ottawa's largest viewership this year. I'm still not sure why they, generally speaking, garner the lowest ratings in the league.


I am thinking it's the way that TSN shows them regionally .

I have been in Ottawa and either at someone's house or at a hotel where they receive the one TSN channel from their provider and the Ottawa game is not on that channel .

Been burned a few times now .

Could be. It's odd to me as I know they have a decent following here.

I moved here three years ago and recall being quite shocked when I met another fan walking his dog in halftime who mentioned he had "the game" on pause while he walked his dog.

He just assumed I knew that "the game" meant the Redblacks game.

That sure wouldn't happen in Toronto or Peterborough.

They do have a great following . I stream TSN .

I see RB gear worn and knowledgeable fans who know who is at QB etc . The OC buses are packed game day .

But when I see the TSN package and many games only shown sometimes on one feed or two .

I do find many people don't get the TSN sports package they only get the one feed .

I have tried to find how many full TSN packages are out there compared to TSN alone .

It must be reducing the ratings a little sometimes and maybe quite a bit other times considering what population is getting what on what platform .

TSN 5 regional eastern Ontario , Quebec and Atlantic Canada .


The important thing on the TV ratings is that 25 - 54 age group, the CFL getting more interest there this week


So much for the CFL being for fans 50 years and older.

Where's Phil Lind when you need that snide comments at the beginning of the Bills in Toronto Series.

2021 Labour Day numbers from 3 down.

approx 1 million with younger viewership numbers quite high. RDS not included


Hmm, two teams at the time at the top of their games. Lots of local and some national hype and on Sunday.

That could never work.

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