CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

I know the evening slot might be open for CTV to broadcast the Grey Cup.

But, for some reason, CTV won't broadcast it.

Even MLS manged to get on CTV from time to time.

Anyways kind of pointless arguing this view point I will watch the Grey Cup on whatever network the CFL decides on.

Wow! Just wow!

How many times do I have to explain that CTV & TSN actually have different ownership structures, which allows all CFL games to be shown exclusively on TSN?

As I had mentioned before, I believe I had read somewhere that the CFL's tv contract is actually held with CTV Specialty (though not 100% sure on it), which is what gives them the right to exclusively show CFL games on only TSN.

It would also be for this reason that Bell Media alone cannot decide on where CFL games are shown.

As for MLS games on CTV, those tend to only be on during the early part of the season, and on Saturday afternoons. And even then, it's only a few select games that'll be on CTV, on an inconsistent basis.

Plus MLS' tv contract in this country is with Bell Media (as well as TVA Sports), who in turn has decided to put most of its games on TSN, as one of the owners of that channel.

I do understand what you are explaining . I wasn't aware that that's how the contract the CFL was negotiated.

I feel the current contract with TSN undervalues the CFL.

The next contract should be with more than one network.

That's True but it probably could just go with a 7 pm or later kick off instead of the 6:30 ish GC now .

The later the game better for capturing more western viewers .

Oh it can, it can. That was a crap game unless you were a fan of the Bucs, and indeed I was cheering for them and had picked them correctly in all or most of their games including on this site.

Of course those fans of the Chiefs, no love lost for me there, were angry but so were the rest of us who wanted to see a great game not one seemingly handed over by officials in the second quarter only one game after hardly any calls were made.

1983 you say? Back in my dheyyy, we didn't have those remote controls. Whoever was closest to the TV, you changed that dial to change the channel or adjust the volume you know ...and then if you didn't do it quickly we threw objects at you until you moved ...and then when reception was not good, we screamed at you to smack the TV on the side or the top and then harder if need be ... and we liked it all too ...:woozy_face:

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For the week of Feb. 15-21 the Leafs dominated the sports TV ratings with their Wednesday game that week vs Ottawa drawing 1,312,000 on Sportsnet. And their game on Saturday against the Habs drew 1,147,00 on CBC, another 914,000 on Sportsnet with 646,000 in French on TVA Sports.

It's easy to get a captive audience when Canada is in Lockdown. Fans are getting tired of seeing the same teams play every other day. I know I am

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1.3 MILLION on Sportsnet for a Wednesday game but prime time Saturday night CBC 1.1 MILLION - yet there are people that think that if you put CFL games on a non-cable/satellite channel like CBC or CTV you would somehow get a lot more viewers.
I will say it again, if you watch sports you will subscribe to TSN and/or Sportsnet, if you don't subscribe to either then you are not a sports fan and you are not likely to watch sports even if it was on the CBC or CTV.

Yup. Me too!

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To be fair to those who believe the Grey Cup would do better adding CTV to TSN they would look at those same numbers and argue that the Leafs drew 1.3 million to Sportsnet Wednesday and almost 2,000,000 combined CBC and Sportsnet on Saturday night. That's about a 50% increase.


How much of that is because of the CBC option and how much is simply that more people are able (trained?) to watch on Saturday regardless of what channel ... BTW ... not everyone watching on CBC would necessarily not be able to watch on if the game was only on Sportsnet, so there is no simple way to know.

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Some big English numbers from Round One of the NHL playoffs especially Leafs - Habs with the series averaging 3.7 million ,Game 6 averaged 4.3 million English broadcast combined CBC Sportsnet and Game 7 averaging 4.8 million

Everybody loves to see the Leafs epically fail

For those who want a spring league for the CFL, those are the numbers to compete against and this with the CFL starting in it's usual June start.


But the NHL playoffs are always in full swing in June, it's usually the final round in June and the highest TV ratings for the NHL.
Are you saying that Canadians can't watch two different sports in a week?
Every year in September there are NFL games, MLB games and CFL games, I think Canadians can watch more than one sport at a time.

The NFL ratings have been pretty high the last few years, even before covid. But that doesn't affect the CFL games that are played Friday night and Saturdays.
The only time that you have to make a choice between the NFL and CFL would be the playoffs in November, and most football fans that like both would just switch back and forth


I am sure true CFL fans can forgo an odd NFL game here and there to watch a CFL playoff round unless they take place on Saturday which will cut in their Hockey on Sportsnet games.

Choices are good sometimes.

It's just too much for the CFL to compete against both NHL and NBA playoffs as they will take up 2 months (April, May and 2 weeks in June)

The schedule is fine where it is. I mean getting 3-4 and sometimes 5-6 million viewers for the Grey Cup in November going up against the NFL is nothing to sneeze at.

It would be nice if they had more than the just the 9 teams. I mean they had since 1984 to chase the team.

What would be first? The NFL in Toronto or the CFL in Halifax?


The CFL should be concentrating on getting back to playing this year. Working on a marketing plan for next season so they can start selling tickets and hope they get enough support to avoid the XFL deal.
If Canadians want to keep the CFL they have to show up and support their team by buying tickets.

As for Halifax, very slim chance before the pandemic and zero chance now.
The NFL not happening anytime soon.


I do agree with you on the CFL needing to get back on the field.

The XFL thing could be that ,just talk no sizzle. If a merger happens then fine but I will be out as the Canadian rules (starting with the rouge, 3 downs, and 12 men ) will be targeted for extinction.