CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

I glanced at the Numeris Top 30 French language ratings and no sign of the NFL there with the only sporting event a Canadiens game in 24th place with 774,000 viewers. But what really caught my eye check out how well SRC (CBC French) does.

That is surprising NFL numbers unless they are watching the English feed or streaming more .

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Doesn't surprise me since there are so few French language stations, aren't there only the two networks TVA and SRC? certainly no US French language stations and they aren't going to simulcast US TV.

This explains(in some coarse language) about why PPV will not work in the CFL

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Super Bowl numbers in:
CTV - 7.7 Million
TSN - 1.6 Million
RDS - 1.1 Million

Wow! over 10 million viewers for a game that was effectively over midway through the 3rd quarter. Seems the NFL can do no wrong.

The Grey Cup can hit similar numbers if it was on CTV as well.

Of course it is unknown how many of the viewers on CTV could have watched on TSN if they so chose.

Ratings were down in the USA at 91.8 million on TV with 5.7 million streaming for a total of 97.5 million.And that 91.8 million included OOH (Out of home) viewers for the first time.

Last year the TV numbers were reported as 100.4 million and would have been over 113 million had OOH numbers had been included.

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Interesting how those final numbers from Numeris - which include anybody who watched live or plays it back within 7 days totalled so much higher than the 8.8 million reported in the overnight ratings.

That report has their ratings peak during the halftime show with The Weeknd. Apparently he spent over $7 million of his own money on the production. May have paid off for him though as he has rocketed up the charts since.

The Weeknd is poised to have one of his biggest weeks in Rolling Stone Charts history after his Super Bowl Halftime performance delivered triple-digit growths in sales.

I doubt that, but maybe a few hundred thousand more. Who knows? you have to remember that CTV is an English language station and there are 8 million French speaking in Canada that wouldn't tune in.

Look at the RDS numbers for the Super Bowl - 1.1 MILLION viewers that is a HUGE number for a market with just over 2 million subscribers or around 5 to 6 MILLION viewers and that's cable/satellite just like TSN. Would they have had more viewers if it was on SRC? I doubt it because everyone that wants to watch the Super Bowl subscribes to RDS
I still say that if CTV thought they could get more viewers for the Grey Cup they would do it
You might get more younger fans on CTV if they brought in a media sensation like Weeknd.

Even then, I doubt it, especially with the different ownership structures of CTV & TSN. I would think the ESPN part of the ownership of CTV Specialty would especially be against it, as it would cause a loss of revenue due to potential less subscribers for TSN if it were to also be on CTV.

Also, the highest rated Grey Cup on TSN/RDS combined is 6.1 million in 2009; further proving that the potential is there for a Grey Cup on only TSN/RDS, just that it appears most are not interested it.

As also mentioned before, when it was on CBC, the average was ~3-4 million, so I doubt putting it also on CTV would significantly increase the viewership.

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You are also forgetting the 8.3 million viewers for the 1983 final.

It can be done.

And in the years that followed, right up to when CBC stopped covering the CFL, how many times did it reach 8.3 million?

CTV broadcasts the US feed for NFL telecasts. Doubtful they would give this up to carry the Grey Cup. They get the best of both worlds, CFL viewers on TSN for the GC and the regular NFL viewers on the main network.

There is no Sunday night NFL games on during the Grey Cup on CTV .

The Sunday night games are on TSN .

They had no problem with it .

You meant the other way around. CTV broadcasts Sunday Night Football while TSN broadcasts the Grey Cup Final.

TSN has the NFL on Sunday night all season except for the Grey Cup .

CTV reg does not broadcast the Sunday night game .

Maybe CTV 2 does now but I don't get regular TV anymore .

CTV2 usually gets the Thursday games do they get the Sunday game now ?

Does CTV now preempt their regular line up for the Grey Cup to show NFL games ?

1983 ??? viewing habits have changed a lot since 83, I don't think we had cable or satellite back then. The CFL audience now would be a much older demographic.
I doubt we had that many Canadians watching the Super Bowl back then. But over 11 Million Canadians watching the Super Bowl, that is a huge number and that doesn't include the "streamers" and that's an audience that is expanding every year.

They have to promote the Grey Cup on it's existing platform, why does the game have to be on CTV or CBC when there are 12 Million subscribers or 30 to 34 MILLION potential viewers on TSN/RDS already???? 27 to 30 MILLION TSN/RDS viewers are NOT watching the Grey Cup.
The RDS had 1.1 MILLION viewers for the Super Bowl, is pretty huge considering that no Quebec teams were playing and no French Canadians in the game. I doubt that having the game on SRC would get them more viewers.

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Believe CTV carries the 4 pm NFL game and postgame show. So they would have to cut away from a game in the fourth quarter to catch the GC kickoff. Wouldn’t make a lot of sense to piss off their regular NFL viewers. CTV2 still carries the Sunday night NFL game as far as I know but maybe I’m mistaken.