CFL (and other sports) TV Ratings

At least football was number 11 - 997,000 for the early NFL game and 993,000 for the late game. Pretty good for the last week of the season with a few meaningless games.
I'm surprised that junior hockey got close to 3 million???

Over in the NHL thread a few people mentioned that Rogers must be thrilled with the thought of having all Canadian matchups on most of their national games. Thrilled might be an understatement after the great opening night ratings.

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Didn't catch most of the first game, but I believe Chris Cuthbert was calling the play by play with Craig Simpson.

Where's Jim Hughson.

Hughson will only be doing Canucks broadcasts this year. In most cases will be the 2nd part of double headers.

Good to know. With only 3 matchups l believe there's only 2 broadcast teams.

I hope Louis Debrusk is the other member. Enjoy his insight of the game.

I had no idea that the NHL had even started!! that's what I get for living down here. It's all Bucs news

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Wow! I lived down there from 2010 through June 2015 and during half the time I have been here on this forum. The rest has been mostly here in the Philadelphia area.

I am surprised to hear that they are not talking about the Lightning already down there already though.

I remember they began the promotions late in the year when I lived there, usually after the Bucs were well out of the picture by the end of November and no one cared if hardly by the end of October, so I would have figured they would move up those promotions this year.

Then again with fewer Canadian and other snowbirds around perhaps, they backed off?

I liked when Phil Esposito still did the local play-by-play on radio for the games too.

The Lightning have a pretty good following down here. Our boat club organizes regular bus trips to Lightning games and we are the only Canadians that sign up, pretty good support but as you know most people in Florida are originally from up north somewhere. Our trip is $60 each and includes ticket and the bus, we are 75 miles south of Tampa. I don't think you could get $60 NHL tickets in Canada that included a 100km bus ride there and back.
So far this year I haven't seen much news about the Lightning. Seen the promotion for the Florida Everblades in Fort Myers, they are allowing fans in the arena. The Everblades have a decent following, almost like the OHL

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WOW! $60 for all that! And I am surprised of no news or promotion also as champions because they won the Stanley Cup too!? What gives!?

With the Bucs doing better than in years and all the excitement as soon as they knew Brady was coming, the championship theme is a natural tie-in. This is a terrible missed opportunity despite limited attendance to the games.

I never knew about the team in Fort Myers. Go figure they are a minor-league affiliate of Nashville, so already I don't like them but cool name!

The same Phil Esposito that took away Hamilton's spot in the 1992 Expansion

See I am still learning about these things. That's simply wrong. But we know that matter has been on Bettman for some time now including that ridiculous situation in Arizona and a few others.

They have some pretty good kids hockey teams too in South West Florida, a guy was doing some tile work for me and he drives his kid to hockey in Fort Myers. They have some of the best coaches out there, retired NHL players that live in Florida. He was saying that they go up to Canada for tournaments and the Canadians get quite a shock when they realize the high calibre of the Florida kids.

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Hamilton's situation was there before Bettman became commissioner in 1993.

Having said that his stance on Hamilton compared to Phoenix is indeed strange.

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