CFL (and other sports) 2015 TV ratings

Well - since the first CFL preseason game of 2015 was played tonight (and streamed on Ti-Cats TV - with the Cats looking very impressive I must add) - I guess it is time to start a new thread for TV ratings too.

Only one game to report a rating on tonight - and that is the impressive one for the first game of the Women's World Cup. Bell Media reports that between TSN, CTV and RDS an average of 1.8 million Canadians watched the opening game Canada vs. China on Saturday. Audience peaked at 2.6 million people late in the game when Christine Sinclair won it for Canada. Overall 5.6 million unique viewers watched at least a part of the game.

That is one of the biggest numbers Bell has gotten for any sports program in weeks.

[url=] ... v-tsn-rds/[/url]
TORONTO (June 8, 2015) – A record number of Canadians watched Christine Sinclair lead Canada to a 1-0 victory in the opening match of the FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD CUP CANADA 2015™. Preliminary overnight data from Numeris confirms that 1.8 million viewers watched the game on CTV, TSN, and RDS, making it the most-watched FIFA Women’s World Cup™ match ever.

Overall, 5.6 million unique Canadian viewers tuned in for some or all of the Canada-China PR match, which took place in front of a record crowd in Edmonton.

Audience levels peaked at 2.6 million viewers as captain Christine Sinclair stepped up for stepped up for Canada and calmly slotted home a penalty in added time.

WEW HEW!!! New thread. :thup:

And here is the rest of the English language sports TV ratings for the weekend. What a packed weekend for a diverse lineup of sports with Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Canadian Grand Prix, UEFA Championship, Women's World Cup, French Open Tennis. What a weekend!

The ratings highlights:

  • Women's soccer almost beat the Stanley Cup
  • Blue Jays ratings (just like the team - who won their seventh in a row tonight) are getting hot
  • a pretty good number for the NBA final especially since it does not include those who may have watched on ABC

Soon CFL ratings will join this list. Here is the Top 20 for this past weekend.

[url=] ... 24365.html[/url]
1. NHL, Blackhawks at Lightning, Saturday, CBC: 1,900,000 2. Women's World Cup soccer, Canada vs. China, Saturday, CTV-TSN: 1,670,000 3. MLB, Astros at Blue Jays, Friday, Sportsnet: 657,000 4. MLB, Astros at Blue Jays, Sunday, Sportsnet: 604,000 5. MLB, Astros at Blue Jays, Saturday, Sportsnet: 522,000 6. NBA, Cavaliers at Warriors, Sunday, TSN: 459,000 (ABC viewers not measured) 7. Women's World Cup, New Zealand vs. Netherlands, Saturday, TSN: 380,000 8. Women's World Cup, Germany vs. Ivory Coast, Sunday, TSN: 328,000 9. Auto racing, F1 Canadian Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 272,000 10. PGA, Memorial final round, Sunday, Global: 269,000 11. Tennis, French Open men's final, Sunday, TSN: 235,000 (NBC viewers not measured) 12. Soccer, Champions League final, Saturday, Sportsnet: 230,000 13. Auto racing, NASCAR Axalta 400, Sunday, TSN: 228,000 14. Tennis, French Open women's final, Saturday, TSN: 198,000 (NBC viewers not measured) 15. Horse racing, Belmont Stakes, Saturday, TSN: 197,000 (NBC viewers not measured) 16. MLB, Cubs at Nationals, Sunday, Sportsnet: 175,000 17. Auto racing, F! Canadian Grand Prix qualifying, Saturday, TSN: 168,000 18. Tennis, French Open men's semifinal, Friday, TSN: 140,000 19. UFC, Boetsch vs. Henderson, Saturday, TSN: 129,000 20. PGA, Memorial third round, Saturday, Global: 126,000

Im amazed how high stanley cup ratings are for a game in the middle of the best of 7 and no canadian teams. Canucks series was around 6 million with the last game watched by 9.1 million.

Soccer again mostly watched by canadians not born in canada, and some old canadians, but mostly new canadians who grew up on the sport in their former countries

I also dislike how this guy says the viewers arent measure on american networks when they are actually measured and included in those ratings. No way anymore people watched the nba final than that, or tennis sorry bjt those numbers looks spot on to the amount that would actually watch those.

Unless tsn did their own broadcast they picked up the ABC fees therefore abc ratings ARE included

Do you have a link for that, because I can only find 1.8 million average (Numeris) for that series. The round 1 series has the highest average at 2.5 million. You can scroll through the actual numbers for each week at Numeris.

[url=,%202015%20(National] ... 0(National[/url]).pdf

Also do you have a link to any study that states that soccer is mostly watched by Canadians not born in Canada or old Canadians?
I wonder if the crowds attending the games in Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton are mainly Canadians not born here or old people? Looks like quite a few women and young people watching the World Cup soccer.
Most new Canadians aren't coming from soccer countries they are coming from China, India, Africa and other 3rd world countries. We don't get many immigrants these days from the soccer countires like Italy, Portugal, Germany or the UK

WRONG! As has been explained to you numerous times here before - and also in twitter conversations you have been a part of that I have read - unless the signal is simsubbed the ratings are not included for those who watch on the American channel.

I recently switched from Rogers Cable to Bell Fibe. When with Rogers and watching NFL Sunday night football on the NBC station - TSN's signal was not simsubbed. I got the American feed with American commercials. Therefore I would NOT have been included in TSN's ratings for that NFL game. When I switched to Bell - I noticed that the TSN signal does get simsubbed - so now I would be included in the TSN ratings even if my channel was on the American station number - because the signal is simsubbed and I am getting the Canadian commercials. (That's what the ratings are there for to determine number of viewers for ad rates.)

Previously when with Rogers they would simsub when Sportsnet was showing a program on an American network, but they would not simsub for non-Rogers owned stations like TSN. Now with Bell Fibe I notice the reverse is true. Bell Fibe does simsub when it is TSN but they do not simsub Sportsnet - owned by their competitor.

So that NBA number on TSN would definitely NOT have included anybody watching on ABC on Rogers Cable systems. I'm not sure if Shaw or Cogeco and other cable services simsub for either TSN or Sportsnet or not.

China India and Africa are soccer areas more than any other sport that's there save cricket in India. Africa doesn't like soccer now? what glue are you on?

In those places the only thing they can afford to play is soccer and pay mega attention to that sport there even during the Olympic soccer games, did you watch Beijing 2008?

The last game I said, very clearly THE LAST GAME not the WHOLE SERIES. Do you guys want to do an average of the entire Soccer World CUp so far that TravelPat conveniently starts after their horrible ratings from the previous games in the TV 2014 thread.

[url=] ... -cbcsports[/url]

heres your source 8.76 million. (sorry I was off by .4) Soccer doesn't even compare to hockey in Canada don't even try

I want to hear an official from Numeris explain why they would ignore ratings on channels available to Canadians. even then hardly anyone watches the American networks over TSN for this kind of stuff anyways. So if it is I doubt the NBA Finals beat out the NHL finals or even the World Cup. And I doubt much more than 50,000 watched Tennis on the other channel. But if I were Numeris I think that affects their credibility if they can't add those two totals together regardless of the advertisers (whom I assume are the ones that won't let them add the American channel ratings as it might get people to not watch the other channel with their ads on it)

I think you are right about that but I think its BS nonetheless I want to see all the ratings up front. I don't know why its so secretive like some secret TV ratings society of Canada or something

if we want the soccer average lets do it, it would be what 250,000 with the one game that actually cracked a million?

And to repeat in case you missed it above

8.76 MILLION AVERAGE for canucks 2011 game 7 ... -cbcsports

That again proves my point even more. That's a good 6 and a half million more than world cup womens soccer

And again nothing wrong with being from another country and liking the sport you grew up on, just explaining how these ratings were never this high before and it has to do with the 200,000 new Canadians every single year. I wouldn't even expect them to move here and give up on the sport they grew up on to watch CFL or NHL, its just common sense.

Just because a country isn't good at soccer, doesn't mean Chinese people don't follow it. And Africa that still cracks me up, please enlighten me on how soccer is not the sport of Africa lmao gimme a break. India is Cricket I know but they still follow Soccer there as well with the heavy British History, much like China and Hong Kong. Again not great teams at it but they sure follow it.

And btw I enjoy the thread TravelPatB every year. Always a great discussion and a good reminder to us all that the CFL is a strong league and something we both love in the end.

Always enjoy chatting with you. :rockin:

The reason Numeris don't track those American station numbers is because they make their money from providing reports to potential Canadian advertisers with a breakdown of the numbers and the demographics of people watching Canadian station's programming. So a Canadian marketer who wants to have his product exposed to his target market is interested in the detailed Numeris reports of how many are likely to see their ad, how many of them are male or female, how many are in certain age brackets or regions of the country etc. Since the Canadian advertisers and marketers who pay for Numeris's detailed reports are not taking out ads on ABC - those numbers are meaningless to them - so they are not tracked.

I have no idea how many people might be watching the NBA finals on ABC instead of TSN - but it might be a fair number when you consider the special lead in programming with Jimmy Kimmel. I suspect a lot of people knowing Jimmy Kimmel - who is very much known as an ABC guy - is doing special pre-game shows would go to ABC to watch that that at 8:00PM and not go to TSN looking for Jimmy Kimmel. His show has seemlessly blended in to the actual game coverage - so why would anybody need to change the channel at that point?

No - overall it would not get anywhere near the Stanley Cup numbers - but it likely does add anywhere from 50,000 - 200,000 viewers would be my guess. And that is completely a guess so don't call me out on it. :slight_smile:

And the Women's World Cup ratings for Canada's games continue to shine with last night's rain delayed affair against New Zealand averaging 2.3 million (up 31% from their first game).

Overall 7.2 million Canadians watched at least a part of last night's game.

Here are all the details including some more amazing Numeris numbers from this press release. Over half a million watching the USA - Australia game is an impressive number too.

[url=] ... v-tsn-rds/[/url]
TORONTO (June 12, 2015) – The Canadian women’s national team continues to break audience records at the FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD CUP CANADA 2015™ on CTV, TSN, and RDS. Preliminary overnight data from Numeris confirms that 2.3 million viewers watched Canada’s match against New Zealand, breaking the record for most-watched FIFA Women’s World Cup™ match ever, and winning Thursday as the most-watched program on Canadian television.

The average audience for the game marked a 31% increase from the previous record, set on Saturday, June 6, when Canada recorded a 1-0 victory over China PR.

Overall, 7.2 million unique Canadian viewers tuned in for the 0-0 draw between Canada and New Zealand, which took place in Edmonton on Thursday evening.

Canadian consumption of the FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD CUP™ is at an all-time high:

Collectively, Canadians have consumed 16.3 million hours (nearly 980 million minutes) of FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD CUP CANADA 2015™ coverage on CTV, TSN, and RDS
Total viewing over the first five days of competition at the FIFA WOMEN’S WORLD CUP CANADA 2015™ is four times that of the 2011 tournament
The average audience for Canada’s first two games on CTV/TSN/RDS (2 million) is nearly four times the audience for their opening two games in 2011 (720,000)
The average audience for non-Canada games on TSN is nearly three times the audience of the five non-Canada games on television in the first five competition days of 2011
The USA vs. Australia game was the most-watched non-Canadian group stage game ever with 526,000 viewers on TSN and RDS

Well they better start scoring some goals soon or their viewership will drop back down to 2011 numbers..grrr

I personally hate watching soccer only will watch Canada play but dear lord its freakin boring.

So true. Going back to include Canada's last two pre-World Cup friendlies against Nigeria and England combined with their first two 'real' games - the total score for all four of those games combined is 2 - 0 Canada. Two total goals in four games for both teams combined! Hardly breathtaking stuff.

On the ratings front down in the USA - the Americans first game which was carried on Fox Sports One was by far the biggest soccer rating that network has ever gotten with an average of 3.3 million viewers. The previous soccer record on that network had been 806,000 for a men's friendly between the USA and Mexico in April. It was the 12th biggest audience that network has gotten for ANY program in its two year history.

(Just for comparison to put that number in context somewhat - at the same time NBCSN had Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final and it drew 3.9 million viewers.)

Its good to see a women's sport drawing numbers like these on both sides of the border.

I suspect the Monday night game for Canada from Montreal - with so much on the line will get an even bigger rating than what we've seen through the first two games although it will be head to head for most of the game with Game 6 of the Stanley Cup - so that might dent ratings a bit.

Too bad people from Edmonton didn't show up for the NZ. game . Awful attendance !

I am pretty sure that Cogeco doesn't simsub for either TSN or Sportsnet.

They drew about 35k IIRC which isn't a bad crowd at all.