OK jsut out of curiosity. Who in this forum watches both CFL and NFL. Or jsut the CFL. I mean i think there both great to watch. I mean its all the same sport just with some differnt rules and diffrent styles of play. I watch both of them and love to watch both of them. What are all your takes on it. You watch both or just one??

I'm not a fan of the NFL, really. I don't mind watching the big games, but I much prefer the CFL games. I feel too disconnected from the teams in the NFL - there's too many teams, too much ego involved (suppose you get that here too, but in my opinion it doesn't seem as bad), and I absolutely hate that the game is over if you've got a lead with less than two minutes to go. CFL all the way!

I never watch the NFL because I just cant get excited over any of the teams.
What's it to me if Greenbay or Dallas wins a game

Ya but u could say the same about CFL teams (not to get down on the CFL because i love it) But weather u live in Winnipeg or CFL or whoever u cheer for) even if u live in the city I mean how does it truely affect you if your team losses u can say that in both situations. I dont know maybe im just weird but I love both of them.

there are too many teams and too many non-contenders who from the begging of the season you know won't make the playoffs like cinncinati and cleavland. in the cfl every team has a good chance. other than hamilton

Hey hey hey. I never asked for any comments about CFL teams lol. Leave my Kitty Kats out of this :roll:

Sure if the Als win the cup I still have to go to work the next day but living in Montreal makes it mean something. I Love Canadian football and following a home town team makes it that much better.

Leave Yogi alone.... hes got Honey on his Keyboard...He does that at the "Begging of every season"

i watch NFL...almost more than CFL, i know alot about the just a big football fan

I watch all football ya even AFL ha ha ha smaller version of the NFL. I go to several bowl games and have met many players that are in the NFL and CFL.
CFL is the best because it is a faster game, passing is the bread and butter most of the season but a balance of running and passing seems to be coming back. College games are great. No favorites in the NFL! But if it came down to watching a game and NFl was on at the same time as CFL it is no contest CFL wins! By the Way Hamilton has been in every game except the last one.

I watch both, but definetly the CFL more. As ro131 said I feel more disconected to their teams then to ours. That being said. Go Bills, watch out for the best young threesome in the NFL, Lossman, Mcgahee, and Evans

........I'll watch most NFL games when the honeydew jar isn't bonking me on the head.........I agree with those that say some of the games are pretty unmeaningful, but the NFL does feature the best players of the game, just not the best style of play, which the CFL has......4 downs, 40 second clock football is just too ploddingly slow.......I actually like a great NCAA game over a NFL game anyday, those guys play with heart..........

Well living in the states it's easier to watch the NFL. It's way over-hyped here. I prefer the CFL game to the NFL. Always have. I'm just glad our cable company is showing the CFL game of the week. Sometimes I don't see the game until the next day but when that occurs I stay off this site until after I've watched the game. I love the CFL brand of football. I wish the NFL would change their game to be more like the CFL. I also hope like hell the local cable company shows the games through the playoffs.

I will watch the Superbore until I fall asleep 6 mins into the first quarter.......other than that its CFL all the way BAYBEEE!!!

Grew up in NY watching the nfl and Bills. When they went on strike in the 1980's, TV networks started showing CFL games to fill the time slot. Best thing they ever did for me! I was hooked! Over the years I watched when I could get it on TV, and suffered with the quality of nfl going down while salaries went up.

nfl plays only on Sunday and Monday night.....CFL plays three days out of a weekend. No brainer there. Any team in the CFL has a chance to win the cup. On the other hand, before the season even starts, you can probably make a list of nfl teams that don't have a chance and you'd be 99% correct.

CFL=Faster more exciting play. nfl=slower, boring, drawn out games, plus i can't remember a close, exciting stuper bowl!

CFL is IT for me! :wink:

Im glad you see it our way :lol:

[quote="Dentor"]I will watch the Superbore until I fall asleep 6 mins into the first quarter.......other than that its CFL all the way BAYBEEE!!![/quote

Hahah, I make it to half-time. :stuck_out_tongue: NFL bores me, though.. CFL I can really get into it. But NFL, I know hardly any of the teams, the game is so slow, and yep. I love CFL.

NFL is great too and we must admit, if it weren't for the NFL, the CFL might be toast. didn't they donate money to the CFL or something?

I prefer the CFL, but enjoy the NFL nonetheless. At least, it gives us football up until the end of January.

I watch them both.