CFL and Immigrants

I would like to see the CFL reach out to new LEGAL Canadian residents somehow. Working with immigration department or someone in each of the communities or someone along that line to identify them. Offer them all free tickets to about 3 games for the up coming season. Also have a special greet and meet for them along with all players, coaches, management, staff and their families to warmly welcome them to Canada and the CFL. Maybe give them CFL stuff. Possibly other things along these lines.

Focus on the new people to Canada as soon and as much as possible. Their first friends, at least outside their culture. Tell them, and show them, this is Canadian, this is what we do.

Good idea but maybe just one game and after they have been here a bit of time .

FOBS is the expression they use . Fresh of the boat is what their communities call them in Vancouver and Toronto .

They are adjusting to so much when they arrive leisure activities that are foreign
to them ; may go over their heads .

But yes I think certain community organizations would be more open than others
and the feeling of being welcome will always be a good way to entice them to be fans of the CFL .

Inclusiveness is always the best way to market your product .

I agree they need to cater to the immigrant community in the three major markets. In Vancouver over half the population were born outside of Canada, including hundreds of thousands of Sikh's. Give them a ride to and from the stadium inschool buses, with a free or $10 ticket which includes a roti, samosa and sweet tea (they would not touch traditional stadium food). Have Punjabi hosts explain the rules of the game and hopefully they'll enjoy themselves and return for future games.

I do agree that this would be an excellent way to get new fans hooked ‘early’. I know we’ve already talked to Immigration Canada but I will likely bring this up again at the upcoming league-wide marketing summit.

What about TV coverage. Hockey Night in Canada is done in Punjabi. Saturday Blue Jays games are carried on OMNI in Tagalog (Phillipine).

Perhaps pick an ethnic group you think would be a good target and do some games in their language on one of the other Bell owned TV stations?

Another idea for new immigrants would be to show new immigrant kids, some overweight some of them where being able to play basketball, soccer or hockey say at a high level would be tough, and invite them to a CFL practice and have them do some drills with the big lineman, put it to music with a compilation of music from various countries and show the smiles on their faces while doing some football drills. Of course this could be done with all the positions really and body types but just thinking more of the bigger kids off the top of my head.

Check this out, some good hits from the NFL with some Punjabi music think it is.

Not that the league shouldn't be open to it, but the cost of those broadcasts is pretty high and, frankly, they're more of a PR effort than something people actually use. Targeting of communities to woo them into becoming football fans makes total sense in general, though.

It is basically a good idea, however until they have somewhat mastered the english language they would need to go to and watch several games with an interpreter in order to understand what is happening on the field. Two years ago we signed up as volunteers to help with the resettlement of the refugees in our center that arrived from Syrian refugee camps. The resettlement committee worked very hard to get the families integrated into the community, and one thing we thought they would enjoy and could do as a family was attend the local WHL junior hockey teams home games. We had numerous churches and members of the community purchase tickets for them, rented a bus to go pick them up as most had no drivers licence yet and had children needing car seats. They enjoyed the outing but watched very little of the game, had no interest in going back for more games. The kids loved the concession as popcorn and drinks were supplied. They compare everything to soccer and as hockey we felt was as close to soccer in how the games are played, they might take an interest. These are the people who are turning MLS around in Canada and what the CFL has to compete against in both Vancouver and Toronto.

Same experience where I am.

The Syrian families were willing to get into hockey, but lamented that soccer wasn't more popular.

The gist is while it might be a good idea for the league to get involved it would be expensive. The better way would be for Canadians to do it for the league. Immigrants know our love for hockey, but do they know our love for "our" league?

refugees don’t get me started

if you give them too much time, they will be already brainwashed by USA sports, if they are in to sports.

only one game might end up being a dud of a game. Three increases the chance they will see some of the best of the CFL, and gives them more contact with other fans.

I made it clear that I was talking about anyone who was a legal new resident of Canada. Doesn't matter how.

Nothing about my suggestion has anything to do with them being "lessor". That's all in your mind.