CFL and GFL discuss deeper cooperation

Sounds interesting.

The GFL uses NCAA football rules, and they have 16 teams in Germany, with another 16 teams in a lower level league. Apparently they use a similar results format that many European soccer leagues use whereas teams can move up or down from one league to the other after the season.

I was at this meeting; it won’t all happen overnight but could lead to interesting things. :slight_smile:

I think it’s pretty exciting. Imagine going to a game in Germany and seeing a few Canadian guys playing. In fact, it’s even a reason to go to Germany :smiley:

I was not aware that the league is rich enough to pay German teams for (average ?)players …

Who is developing who?

That’s how you know it’s a fantastic agreement. Both sides will win, both sides will develop.

The CFL would be the one developing the GFL, as the talent in the CFL is better. When it comes to talent and pay, the CFL is second only to the NFL.

The development would go both ways to some extent, in that Canadian players not quite ready for the CFL would get the chance to further develop in the GFL and hopefully be able to crack a CFL squad after a year or two there. At the same time, those Canadian players would hopefully be developing the GFL by elevating the level of play and training.

And of course the German global players who spend time on CFL squads will develop their skills and bring that back to the GFL if/when they return.

And if the CFL can ever get worthwhile rights deals on German TV, that German money could be used to further develop the CFL.

Exactly. This is good for university players who need an extra year or two to polish their skills and get a shot at cracking a CFL roster. It really is a win-win IMHO. And the potential for TV/streaming revenue simply can’t be ignored.

Couldn’t agree more!

What about the identity issue? I thought the goal was to expand 3 down football globally. The GFL as well as all other European Gridiron Football leagues play 4 down ball. If you want to expand your brand…then it should be your brand that you are trying to develop in these countries no? I don’t see any advantage for a young Canadian draftee to be sent to Germany for development when he will clearly be the superior player. Likewise…A young German who grew up in a Soccer culture and has probably only grasped Gridiron later in his / her childhood, will be completely lost with the rules of the 3 down game I would think. To me the bottom line should be to just expose the world to the 3 down game and distance themselves from American ball as far as they can.

Have to agree with that.

Lots of young Canadian players play in the NCAA before coming to the CFL, and lots of Americans play in the CFL between NFL opportunities. The fundamentals are the same.

IMO your arguments are ridiculous.

What kind of salaries are Canadian kids going to be making in Germany? No one is going to head across the world to make 25k a year, in hopes of making 50k a year down the road as a CFL special teams player.

Exactly. If the CFL Brass wants the game to go world wide. Then they NEED to use CFL 3 down rules & field size.

Some would. At his age, Foster isn’t likely to make it back into the CFL, but there have been younger players taking the chance.

“I’ve never been to Europe. I’m actually really excited. I’m just excited to get out there and experience the culture and the lifestyle, win a few games, get some film and see where it goes from there.?

Foster knows he’s not the first Canadian to go overseas to play football but he hopes more will follow him in the future.

The first step to having other football leagues consider adopting Canadian rules is exposure. Hosting development players from other nations does that. Sending our players to other leagues does that. Working out broadcast agreements in other nations does that.

This is stupid. Lets end this overseas experiment now. Nobody is travelling to germany to watch canadian kids play. Germans arent going to start streaming games because some local kid is the 3rd string lineman on special teams. Who came up with this idea?

How about Ambrosie spend time figuring a way to keep our star QBs from getting hurt? Because without the QBs the CFL is nothing.

It’s definitely a long-range plan, not an instant-payoff one. It’s to develop the game for the future.

The league has many issues to address, but I see no reason to end this one in order to address others. Do both.