CFL and Genius Sports unveil cutting-edge official data & tech system

NEW YORK & TORONTO – Ahead of the start of the 2023 preseason, the Canadian Football League in partnership with Genius Sports Limited has launched a new official data and technology ecosystem to power enhanced insights and experiences for the entire CFL community.

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How about some cutting edge technology on tsn broadcasts for a change?


So where are the cutting edge stats for the Elks Samps game from today?

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Don’t you know it’s the CFL pre-season? Today as we saw, they warmed up the streaming machine straight of out the shed after that winter.

They are still working on the stats machine. Have some patience there.

Here’s something stats related. Not much, but a start:

Here’s more, though I wouldn’t classify this output as “cutting-edge”. For some reason, they have Calgary’s kickers listed under Edmonton, and vice-versa. They’re also missing a FG from Campbell Fair.

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Maybe “stat guy” for the CFL just mailed it in and had some refreshing food and drink instead? It’s only the pre-season, so he figured he could do so and hardly anybody cares.

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preseason qb play tracker would be sad lol

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Possibly. I would have had stats guys working from game film to work out the bugs and get them up to speed with the new system, But they probably saved a couple bucks so they can apologize about the resulting disaster the opening week of the season…


what would be “cutting edge” for me is if we were able to view the games in their entirety after they’ve been streamed


Well how do you know it was not “Sniveling Chubby 10-Year Old Hamburger and Ice Cream Menu Boy” selected for the honours due to his career aspirations hmmm?

How do you know there you Scooby-Doo Villain you!?


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As far as I know cutting edge stats hasn’t occurred yet. I did read several complaints about that on this forum.

For what it is worth I downloaded an update to my Blue Bomber app this afternoon. The notes accompanying the app download said:

Coming Soon-Expanded Statistics:

Soon you’ll be able to take advantage of the CFL’s new statistic platform through our app. Access game and player stats…

So it at least appears that the new stats platform is still coming.


Sounds good but I have no idea what that means

It means radio and TV broadcasters will have access to the stats as quickly as they can enter them.

They did post stats for the Elks/Bombers tilt last week and they are comprehensive.