CFL and Genius Sports: Delivering the next generation of interactive fan experiences

NEW YORK, US & TORONTO, CANADA — Ahead of the start of the 2022 season this Thursday, the Canadian Football League (“CFL”) and Genius Sports (“Genius”), the official data, and technology partner that powers the ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media, have launched the initial phase of their new strategy to build rich, meaningful connections with CFL fans.

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As far as I'm concerned, the CFL has sold its soul. This endeavor offers me no optimism and is quite the load of ****. If the CFL does not know their audience now, they will remain clueless with this Genius crap. For what they will 'learn' from Genius, they may as well just sell football tickets - disguised as concert tickets - for people to show up and buy their concessions.

"Engaging their audience" through a range of highly innovative, immersive, and personalized fan products is code for creating addicts that will supply them a revenue worth peanuts. It's so sad. Like moths to a flame, they'll burn their prospective audience and future revenue for good. And the league and their audience won't even know it.

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I don't have a very firm grasp on what Genius is going to do. Why so pessimistic about it? What do you think their input will look like?

I'm pessimistic that it will bring people out to the stadiums. In this day and age we should be having conversations about other forms of revenue the league is generating, not the least of which is streaming and TV. But sadly, ticket revenue is still the league's main trough. Expanding their revenue by what small cuts they will get from fans 'paying to play' whatever games and interactive - stay at home - stuff Genius will come up with is chicken feed by comparison.

I would say small-time thinking, but that is the only thinking the CFL can do.

The plan that Genius can deliver on works when you already have a huge fan base coming out to games, and collecting large revenues from fans watching the games at home. The CFL is not in that league. They've got the horse out of the barn, and harnessed, with no wagon. Or, the other way, they've got the wagon with no horse.

I agree the league needs to find ways to get more fans to the stadiums, but I also think providing a more engaging broadcast experience can help with that. The more people who watch on TV or streams, for whatever reason, the more people will be exposed to the live product. They just have to make sure that the broadcasts show fans enjoying themselves in the stadium.

It seemed like TSN and the league were focusing on doing that in the season or two before Covid hit. Then tended to show more scenes of young fans drinking, for example, between plays or while cutting away to commericals.

Yah, those fans having fun in 'gasp' not their assigned seats (or double gasp, a section that doesn't have assigned seats) really ruffled the feathers of some fans.

Getting butts in the stadium isn't always easy.

I'm just hoping we can start to see that kind of thing again this year. I'm somewhat optimistic, even though Covid is still affecting us.

I don't see anything negative to this point, I'm currently playing the "free" games. When or if they want my $$ or account info simply put I don't give it. I never gambled, at least more than a few $ on sports select.
If it's more fun playing pick'Em on games that are less interesting to me, I tend to watch them more often.

With Week 1 in the books, did anyone notice any change to the viewing experience that could be credited to Genius Sports?

I can't say that I noticed anything different. I guess we'll have to be patient to see things like:

"Genius and the CFL will also launch a new Polling tool, the official Trivia challenge, an All-Star voting mechanism as well as new games to enhance the regular season, CFL Playoffs and the 109th Grey Cup.

Dynamic betting widgets, including live scores, odds and offers will also help activate the CFL’s BetRegal partnership, while Genius’ data-driven ticketing service will run highly personalized campaigns for CFL teams."

I didn’t notice anything either. I am assuming that the “new games” are the ones that can be played for free on the website as Cup referred to in the post above yours.

In the past I would grab a couple of sports select tickets.... haven't seen any CFL odds posted at lottery terminals for the last two years.
Today I did noticed new terminals (they may be interactive) at a couple stores loaded with new style of forms, was short on time, I only took a quick peek for an instruction booklet, nothing around. I'll check it out next time. Update me if anyone else knows anything about these new machines.