CFL and feeder league to the NFL

I am a US citizen and an NFL fan. I am also a CFL fan. I enjoyed going to the Baltimore Stallions games. I completely understand the the CFL game is unique to Canada and I am not advocating changing the CFL game or rules. For the long term survival of the CFL, the league should open open each teams roster and allow anyone number of foreign players on each team, these players will 100% be Americans. The quality of play will increase and could increase fan interest, ticket sales and TV revenue. This would also solve an issue the NFL has, no developmental league. The WLAF, NFL Europe and, to a lesser extent, the AAF and the XFL were financial failures.
With this arrangement, financial transactions could transpire that the NFL could inject funds into the CFL and stabilize the league. Players could be transfered from the CFL to the NFL for a fee.

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