whoever signed the contract between CFL and ESPN is a very mean person. I live in the US, i would like to be able to watch football, but thanks to the person who agreed to give the rights to ESPN, i very rarely get the ability. And this year, they have multiple games, being played at the same time... geez... good thing I flew up for the Grey Cup last year, doesn't seem like i am going to get very many opportunities to stay in the CFL loop this year.

Between June 23 and Aug 26 ESPN will televise 17 CFL games, one on ESPN News channel and 16 on ESPN 2. All other CFL games will stream on ESPN 3 during this time. Three dates will have two games, one starting at 7PM and the second game at 10PM. Dates/games are subject to change, but as of now this is the schedule being shown by ESPN.
Since ESPN contract calls for minimum of 17 televised games it is not known at this time which, if any, games will be televised after Aug 26.

19 games are being shown on ESPN2! (1 on ESPNews). ESPN2 people! That's a major, major improvement over any type of TV contract the league has ever had in the US prior to 2 years ago. Actually it's a darned miracle if you ask me.

I'm guessing your problem is with ESPN3. You need to find a cable provider that includes it as part of its deal and then your problems are solved.

Two more games! I'll take it! The latest schedule I have only has 17 games from June 23 thru Aug 26.
Your right about ESPN 3, I'm sure there will be a lot, if not all, games streamed between Aug 26 and the Playoffs.
Last nights game was on ESPN 3 and the next game on ESPN 3 is June 11.

Yeah, the 3 other games on ESPN2 that aren't on your schedule that I was referring to are the Div Finals and the GC. It's doubtful any regular season games will be televised from Sept to Nov because of college and the NFL.

Contract is actually the same as in 2015. Anyway, often times people will post full games on that big famous video site. Not live of course, not the best quality, and probably not all the games.

ESPN uses the TSN feed. There should not be multiple games played at the same time other than in the pre-season. Would not matter anyway as ESPN3 would have the game available for viewing after the fact via on-demand.

In 2015 ESPN televised 20 CFL games. The key is the NCAA games that they will televise and channel availability for a CFL game. The NFL Monday nights also have to be taken into account.

Sling TV is $20/month. You can watch ESPN3 through Sling TV. I did that last season.

If all else fails, I'm pretty sure you can still get CFL games on iTunes. You can subscribe to a team and get all their games for about $30 - last I looked anyway.

It would get expensive if you subscribe to all nine teams, but you would never miss a game, ever.

Finding ESPN3 is key…then put on a laptop and HDMI cable or stream to flat screen and you’re set!

There is a dispute between Century Link and ESPN, so if you have Century Link you aren't going to access ESPN3.