CFL and domestic violence/abuse

In light of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial where Heard went public with an op-ed about supposed abuse, and outcome which I'm sure everyone knows now, I was wondering if the CFL had anything on this and voila, yes, I found this which is excellent. The second link is also of interest I found concerning an important decision involving what is deemed "a pattern of abuse":


Wasn’t aware of the decision creating a new tort. This is unlikely to stand if it is appealed, although since the male doesn’t have a lawyer an appeal may be unlikely. It is not a binding decision even in Ontario although it may be followed there. While completely sympathetic to spouses that have been abused, I don’t think this decision is workable as virtually everyone in a bad relationship feels they were abused by the other party. This should be implemented through legislation only, not invented by a judge, if it is to be implemented at all.

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Well said and thanks for that feedback.

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