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I doubt that they would fire him. In fact, they might even give him a promotion. SFU had been playing in American college sports leagues since day 1. Originally, they were playing in the NAIA until most of their traditional rivals had left for NCAA. They only joined CIS while they waited for approval to join their traditional rivals in the NCAA. If they could have gone straight from NAIA to NCAA without a stopover in CIS, I'm sure they would have.

As I said, Not familiar with B.C. University ball. Does B.C. have different rules for scholarships?

I watch the CIS when I can and I try to go to Bison games when possible, but it's tough to find them on TV or anything like that even here. The Score shows one game a week. Easier to follow in the playoffs, though. When the Bisons were doing really well for a couple years there, I went to all of their playoff games at Canad Inns.. It is a good product, despite what some people may say.

Been following for years, Been to quite a few Vanier cups. The football is great. If you're a CFL fan ,you should follow the CIS. You won't be disappointed! If there was no CFL, I know where I'd get my football fix.


This is a huge story for Canadian university football: the return of the Dalhousie Tigers football team. I'm surprised I hadn't heard of this, I guess it really flew under the radar. Dalhousie has one of the largest endowments among Canadian universities and could easily support a football team.

First of all, NO, it's NOT a CIS team but it looks like an excellent start. Here's the team's promotional video:

and here's a great piece on YouTube that global did:

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I didn't like the response of the egghead Dal president, but if they keep getting crowds like that with alumni and rowdy students, how can they say no?

The addition of Dal and Universite de Moncton to the AUS would make it a 6 team division and make competition a lot more interesting.

Good luck to the Dalhousie Tigers, hope to see you in the CIS again someday.

I know this topic is near 1 year old but I would just like to add a few points if I may:

  1. UWO had a sellout(Just over 10,000) for their opener against Waterloo last night; and with the remaining 3 home games this year against Ottawa, Guelph and York. (York is the homecoming game) i'm already wondering if UWO might break the OUA attendance record again this season.

  2. Carleton University's football program returns to CIS action in 2013.

  3. PiCat, I'm surprised that attendance for the Gaels isn't higher. I always thought they had tons and tons of support from the city. How was attendance for the home opener against McMaster yesterday?

  4. Since being turned on to Canadian football in 2008, i've been going to 2 or 3 regular season Mustang games a year, plus the playoff game against McMaster last year. I plan on going to the games against Ottawa and Guelph this season. (And hopefully a playoff game. :lol:)


[url=] ... 5_rhu0.xml[/url] (scroll down to the bottom for att #s)

I had my mind set on hitting up a sports bar for the TiCats game, so I didn't even realize the game was being played here.

There are a few major issues with CIS/Uni and Jr success, or lack there of, that I can think of:

  • Little local media hype
  • Barely any national hype
  • Bad concessions at many. Try breaking even on the booze for a year or 2. The Students attending want to party and can not afford your prices. Ya all can knock drunkenness at a game all you want...this is what most university people want to see.
  • the pregame rallies mainly suck or do not exist

It is a shame. That needs to improve for the CFL and HS ranks to thrive.

I myself go to several a year.

well, replace F O O T B A L L with H O C K E Y and you'll succeed.

that's the problem in Canada is we're so focused on Hockey year round that many other sports are overlooked.

I was wondering if they had a TV schedule. Is The Score (University Rush) the only broadcaster? Do they have re-caps like the CFL games?

I have enjoyed reading the CIS articles embedded into the news headlines on the CFL main page.

Great post. With Carlton coming back, these are two big schools that are coming back into the fray. When you read the Wikipedia article on Canadian Universities, I noticed that Dalhousie has the largest endowment of any Atlantic school, and one of the largest of all school's in the country. I couldn't figure out why then didn't have a team.

Two good videos. Again, playing at the Club level, but they should be playing in the CIS. I could have told you all the big school's monikers, but I didn't have a clue what Dalhousie's was... and its all because they didn't have a football team. All big universities are defined by this.

It's Carleton. C A R L E T O N.

"Carlton" was a brand of cigarettes.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a thread on the "Other Football" board to keep everyone updated on what CIS games you can watch each week on webcasts and tv.

The thread is appropriately titled "CIS Broadcasts"

I enjoy CIS games. Would one of you be so kind to inform me of the CIS games that will be televised by what TV company. Last year the French CBC broadcast Laval games in southern ontario, Will they be doing this again this year. year.

I just posted a list in the "Other Leagues" forum here viewtopic.php?f=15&t=69159