CFL and CFLPA reach tentative agreement

TORONTO — The CFL and CFLPA have reached a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, subject to ratification by the players and approval of the league’s Board of Governors.
The CFL will have no further comment until those steps have been completed.

Excellent news!

Great news. So glad this wasn’t an 11th hour type of situation. It’ll be nice to read about the upcoming season instead of a possible strike.

Reading that is a great way to start the day, and the season. It’ll be interesting to study, in days to come, how much, or how little, better the new CBA is for the players.

Let’s play football!

Rookie Camp is supposed to open today!

I’m going to admit I haven’t followed this as much as others, but did they not hammer this out in like 2-3 negotiating sessions?

I think it was 2 separate periods of 2-3 sessions each. The league took that 2 week break after the first round of bargaining.

wow great new know go cats go

So compared to other sports this wasn’t as big as made out to be. They reached a deal in essentially a week of negotiations.

Perhaps the CFLPA had to use these scare tactics to get the little bit they knew they were going to get. At the end of the day the teams/league doesn’t make enough money for them to get substantially more.

No money for players here :frowning:
Deal expires the same time the TSN deal expires

Masoli probably packing his bags for Houston in January

Yep, seems likely.

Strike card was the only one the union could play & they tried to build it up by saying 97% of players agreed to strike, but in the end, it wasn’t enough. As usual.

Looks like they may have made a vague promise of greater increases when the tv deal is re-done. So, in 3 years, we’ll see how much the CFL is worth to TSN.

Why? he can get way more money here than the XFL.

I hope you are right!

Going by memory of what I’ve read, I believe Jeremiah is due to make, this year, a Canadian dollar amount equivalent to what a “top player” is to get, in U.S. dollars, in the XFL(2)'s first year. What could make the XFL more attractive, to him … playing closer to home, getting the same money for a 10 game season as he’s getting for 18, probably paying considerably less income, and other, taxes, perhaps better health care, and … June Jones.

If Masoli plays anywhere near as well as he did last year, he will command a higher price in the CFL in 2020. Especially after BC and CAL distorted the market price for QBs.

Speaking of which, here’s an early conspiracy theory: The CFL will grant some kind of special exemption to BC and CAL, who paid ridiculous amounts to their starting QBs in anticipation of a bigger salary cap increase, effectively awarding the bulk of the team’s increase to one player. Now we hear that the cap is only going up by $50k, while BLM and Reilly got increases of >$200k. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the league decided the cap doesn’t apply to the top $200k of those QBs’ salaries - essentially a marquee player exemption, applied retroactively to those two teams only. You heard it here first!

If true, this (Americans becoming Canadians) is a quite a change:

Apparently the Canadian ratio of 7 starters stays the same for the length of the 3 year deal. That’s important for those of us who know what the “C” in CFL stands for . :slight_smile:

The Cats’ efforts on developing ratio flexibility are being rewarded . Having more than 7 plug and play Canadians over 18 games is the goal . Right now the depth chart features : Filer, Revenberg, Ciraco, Girard, Chambers, Mike Jones, Adeleke, Daly, Bennett, Laurent, McGough, Shortill, Thomas-Erlington, Vaughn, Westerman, Wade, and the draft picks from 2018 and 2019.

Life is good for our Cats and our Canadian depth . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy)

Per Dan Ralph:

“For years, CFL general managers have lamented there’s not enough good Canadian talent to go around the league. This would not only boost the Canadian content but also provide a more solid base considering the expansion Atlantic Schooners could begin play as soon as 2020.”

Someone explain to me why this would “boost the Canadian content” of CFL teams. International players will be deemed nationals after a few years in the league and these “pretend Canadians” will take roster spots away from legitimate Canadian players. The ratio remains the same but Canadians will be displaced by Americans “posing” as Canadians simply to meet the ratio.

Don’t get me wrong… I like the rule. The serious problem of shortage of legitimate national talent to meet the archaic CFL roster quotas should have been addressed years ago. This is basically a band-aid solution, but at least fans will finally be able to watch and enjoy better players filling some (many?) of those roster positions formerly handed out by passport and not by talent.

But where are all the quota lovers who want to see more Canadians in the league? They should be carrying placards in front of the CFL office right now!

Oh, we’ll never get you wrong. ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch