CFL and CFLPA reach tentative agreement

TORONTO — The CFL and CFLPA have reached a tentative agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement, subject to ratification by the players and approval of the league’s Board of Governors.
The CFL will have no further comment until those steps have been completed.

I bet you that the writers at 3down nation are not happy! I think they were hoping they would go on strike.


Great to hear.

Just shows what can be done when both side work diligently and keeping the media at bay.

Neither side has anything to gain from work stoppage or continued sabre rattling.

Now we wait for the details, what will be addressed

Ratio change??
Improved health care for players?
Some improvements on players non-guaranteed contracts?
Some form of profit sharing?

More $$ for players?

Yup, waiting on baited breath for these details.

Also, curious on the term. Will it be 5 years like the last one? Or will there be an opener for either side pending on the next TV deal, possible expansion.

Hoping it’s no less than 4 years. Keep these kind of threads buried as long as possible.

Great to hear.

Now anxiously and curiously awaiting the details. Particularly no. of starting Nationals and how the global players (should any make it) be classified.

I bet itll go till late next TV deal, how ever if it is I hope they have come up with a fail safe if the TV deal isn’t as good as they thaught it would be, Im just curious on the minimum wage and salary cap, I hope there a little more be nice to have some more cash floating around

Yes we all want to hear the details.
I hope the players did not get ripped off like during the last one?

Great stuff!

Sure wish we had some real journalists covering the CFL, reporters willing to dig and get information that’s not spoon-fed like pablum by the “powers that be.” If it’s in the hands of the players, a good reporter would be able to get a copy so the fans could know what we’re paying for.
You know, the fans, the folks who will actually be ponying up the millions and millions of dollars specified in that CBA, through our purchase of tickets, merchandise, or goods and services sold by the sponsors.

Morris you have a point,it seems media have details when other parties reach agreements to be voted on, wether it be sports or not.
Such is the world of CFL.

As a CFL purist, good news as far as I’m concerned.

The salary cap may go up by only $50,000. in year 2 or 3, but I am positive that it will be much more higher in first year of the deal. I say no less than $400,000 and as much as $800,000. Without these numbers,I don’t see how the players could accept the deal. With regards to minimum salary, I expected $62,000 to $64,000 in year 1.


Most fans could not care less about the minutia. We just want football.

Any word on how global players will be accounted for in the ratio?