CFL and Amazon?

I only follow the NFL once the CFL season ends. And I don't/won't subscribe to Amazon Plus for it's Thursday Night games. I'll do what I can

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Amazon NFL deal is only for the US. TSN/CTV & DAZN will just carry the amazon feed. But likely won't carry amazon's pre & post game shows and none of the alternate feeds.

This is what happened in the pre-season game last Thursday. They hired NBC's Sunday Night producer, so it looked good. Al Michaels & Kirk Herbstreit also sounded as they had worked together for a while.


Ratings for the first amazon nfl pre-season game was 1.035 million. But since it was also on linear tv in the 2 local markets, the number that actually watched on amazon was 510k.

As comparison, NFL network pre-season game between Packers/Chiefs got 1.8 million. The last pre-season game on CBS between Lions/Steelers got 5.8 million (highest of the year). Average for pre-season is usually around 1 million.

So, overall in line. A bit disappointing for amazon as it is offset by being a soft launch.


I am alarmed people will watch such pre-season diarrhoea given more choices on what to watch than ever in human history.

And indeed it's an exclusive for Amazon, and as many figure already, this Amazon Prime live streaming production serves as the first regular streaming experiment by the NFL.

Much like has taken place by the UFC, NHL, Serie A (Italian soccer), Barclays Premier League for exclusive streams to live events, we'll find out how much more is to come in the rest of the decade if this production works out.

Personally I am not interested enough in the Thursday night games or in football in general on that night unless it's perhaps December, and the reviews on past Thursday night productions have been mixed as the NFL has tweaked the games and productions for that night.

I know the players HATE it because they have a short week often after the prior game on a Sunday.

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I think the players hate wearing the neon coloured uniforms on Thursday Night games


If not Amazon, how about Elon Musk?? He could fit CFL some where in his empire, maybe he could buy Tik Tok instead of Twitter then CFL broadcast to the world. This is just loose coins for Elon but an enormous ego boost over other gazillionaires.